Guimbal Cabri gets EASA approval for floats

Guimbal Cabri gets EASA approval for floats

26-Jan-2011 Source:

Bruno Giumbal proudly announced yesterday the certification by EASA of floats for his G2 Cabri light helicopter.

Bruno’s company Helicopteres Guimbal has been working on this certification for tWo years, although that length of time has been due to the other priorities they have had in getting new helicopters delivered.

The result is worthy of the effort, as the following hold testament:-

  • No change in performance or flying qualities, compared to the standard Cabri with out floats
  • Float inflation has been tested up to 130 knots
  • Dismantling / reassembly in two minutes by a single person
  • The required gas bottle takes a very small space – the baggage compartment can still take a large suitcase of 180 litres
  • Float position still allows wheels to be attached to the skids for ground handling
  • Duplex sensors (developed in association with Vega Industry) which automatically inflate the floats on contact with water.  Guimbal says that accident data shows pilots do not have the time or thought to inflate floats in over half the instances of water contact

All the certification tests were carried out with the 8th Cabri off the production line, which is based in Monaco.

See also the EASA certificate

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