Kamov Ka-32A11BC certified in India

Kamov Ka-32A11BC certified in India

9-Feb-2011 Source: Russian Helicopters

The Ka-32A11BC, the Russian civil all-weather coaxial helicopter, has been certified for operations in India. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation of the Republic of India (DGCA) allowed operations on the basis of the certificate issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

EASA issued a standard EASA.IM.R.133 certificate for the Ka-32A11BC in 2009. The certificate allows any company to commercially operate the helicopter. In 2008 the Ka-32A11BC was certified in China, Indonesia, and South Korea. In 2005 it received Mexican certification. The helicopter received a supplement to the airworthiness certificate in 2006 in Canada. This allowed the helicopter to carry corporate passengers (the Canadian certificate itself was issued in 1998). The certification procedure for the Ka-32A11BC has also been started in Brazil.

Thus the Ka-32A11BC has been certificated in the world’s major regions: in America, Europe, and Asia. Ka-32A11BC helicopters of various modifications are successfully operated in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and other countries.

In July 2010 the Russian helicopter industry holding Russian Helicopters, a part of United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom, signed a contract with the Indian company Global Vectra Helicorp on the delivery of a Ka-32A11 helicopter. Unlike the Mi-17, traditional for the Indian market, the Ka-32A11BC will make its debut in the region. Global Vectra Helicorp is planning to use the Russian rotorcraft for cargo transportation and construction work in the civilian segment. The Ka-32A11BC is scheduled for delivery to India in 2011.

The Ka-32A11BC is a multi-role variation of the Ka-32A. The helicopter is unique in its ability to carry loads on an external sling and as a crane for the construction of tall structures. The coaxial rotors of the Ka-32A11BC have a number of advantages in stabilising the helicopter and adding to its manoeuvrability, which enable it to perform complex construction tasks with high precision. The Ka-32A11BC can perform a wide range of tasks, including horizontal firefighting at high altitudes.

The Ka-32A11BC was designed by the Kamov design bureau, a part of the Russian Helicopters industry holding. Mass production is based at the aviation plant in Kumertau. Over 140 have been built, and about half of these are in operation in over 30 countries worldwide.

Russian Helicopters, JSC is an affiliated company of UIC Oboronprom. It controls the following helicopter industry enterprises: Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company named after N.I. Sazykin, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, Stupino Machine Production Plant, Reductor-PM, Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant and Helicopter Service Company.>

Partners of Russian Helicopters: AirTaxi Service (interior completions and maintenance); R.E.T. Kronshtadt (aviation training systems, navigation and avionics); Tranzas (software, navigation systems, aviation simulators); CSTS Dinamika (development and manufacture of technical training means for aviation flight and engineering personnel); BETA AIR (testing equipment and aviation electronics); Ural Works of Civil Aviation (specializes in the repair of helicopter engines and components and reductors).

UIC Oboronprom, JSC is a multi-profile industrial and investment group established in 2002. A part of Russian Technologies State Enterprise. Its main tasks include helicopter engineering (Russian Helicopters managing company), engine-building (United Engine Industry Corporation managing company).

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