Dart deilvers first P174 power converters for R44 Newscopters

Dart deilvers first P174 power converters for R44 Newscopters

11-Feb-2011 Source: DART Helicopter Services

Oceanside, CA, February 10, 2011 — DART Helicopter Services and its subsidiary Geneva Aviation are helping to expand aerial news gathering opportunities for TV stations around the nation.  DART has initiated deliveries of Geneva Aviation’s P174 Power Converters to Robinson Helicopter Company for installation in all newly manufactured R44 Raven II Newscopters, fully integrated Electronic News Gathering (ENG) rotorcraft capable of transmitting, receiving, and recording live audio and high definition (HD) video.

The R44 Raven II Newscopter, incorporating Geneva Aviation’s power converter as standard equipment, is designed for real-time aerial broadcasting with an electronic suite that meets the exacting standards of both the worldwide TV news industry and the FAA’s flight safety requirements.

The P174, which received FAA certification for a variety of rotorcraft in March 2010, is the smallest and lightest 27 Amp power converter available today.  With a price well below its nearest competitor, the P174 is designed for use in high density electronics laden aircraft where electro-magnetic interference (EMI) multiple power source usage can cause flight safety issues.  The converter’s instant turn-on time prevents problems with the switch mode power supplies in other equipment installed in the helicopter. Deliveries to Robinson began in November 2010 and will continue throughout production of the R44 Raven II Newscopters.

The R44 Raven II Newscopter is Robinson’s latest model, featuring an aerodynamic nose-mounted, gyro-stabilized Ikegami HD digital color camera system. Standard ENG equipment includes in-cabin talent and tail-mounted micro cameras, a video switcher, Geneva Aviation’s audio system, four color video monitors, and a microwave transmission package.

The R44 Raven II Newscopter is available at about half the acquisition and operating costs of a larger turbine-powered ENG rotorcraft and offers comparable broadcasting and flight capabilities, providing small TV stations and broadcasters in larger markets the latest state-of-the news gathering technology and more extensive airborne coverage.

About DART Helicopter Services

DART Helicopter Services LLC., has set a global standard for developing, producing and distributing outstanding helicopter accessories and components that improve rotary wing fleet operations. Headquartered in California, the company and its sales, marketing and service associates operate a worldwide network from many strategic locations serving more than 120 nations on six continents. DART has become the world’s largest rotorcraft accessory provider in just five years, offering more than 3,500 helicopter aftermarket products that improve rotorcraft safety, efficiency and reliability. The company also manufactures 1,200 components, and its network owns more than 600 Supplemental Type Certificates and 50 U.S. patents.  Learn more about DART at www.darthelicopterservices.com.

About Geneva Aviation, Inc.

Geneva Aviation, Inc., founded in 1985, is wholly owned by DART Helicopter Services. The P174 power converter is the latest in a series of new product development projects involving Power Converters, Dimmer Power Supplies, Audio Multiplex Units and Systems to meet the requirements of ENG and law enforcement aviation units.

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