Era Helicopters selects eMan online technical publication solution

Era Helicopters selects eMan online technical publication solution 17 Feb, 11, Source: AviIT

AviIT, Inc. the makers of The eMan Solution are pleased to announce that Era Helicopters, LLC. has selected The eMan Solution, the aviation industry’s first centralized, technical publications management and delivery solution based on thin-client technology, to be implemented at all bases of operations world-wide,

The eMan Solution empowers all authorized users to gain instant access to all technical publications including, OEM applications, ERP programs, flight operations content, company maintenance documentation and virtually any other electronic application or file via the convenience of the secure eMan Solution portal.

“With Era’s world-wide operations, we needed a cost-effective solution to centralize our technical libraries, and to improve our version and revision control process. After an in-depth evaluation of The eMan Solution, we determined there would be an immediate quality control benefit in addition to a significant cost savings by centralizing our technical publications.  With eMan, we will virtually eliminate the need to distribute technical documentation via paper manuals and drastically reduce the labor and management associated maintaining multiple base revisions.  With the implementation of eMan, all technical documentations company-wide will be revised centrally, and version control will be assured.  The implementation of eMan will result in a lower-cost, more efficient, more effective, and consequently, an overall safer maintenance operation by having all applicable content easily available from one single centralized access point”, said Stewart Stavley, VP of Maintenance

eMan virtually eliminates the need for costly duplicate subscriptions and ensures complete revision management, audit capabilities, compliance tracking and version control. eMan also allows temporary access to 3rd. party vendors and other remote users. Vince Doherty, VicePresident of AviIT, Inc. added: ”We’re proud to have been selected by Era Helicopters to implement The eMan Solution.  We fully-understand the “mission-critical” nature of aircraft technical publications. Era Helicopters, once again, is showing its leadership in the industry by constantly looking for ways to  improve the way technical publications are managed and made available to their users, regardless of their location. We look forward to working together with Era Helicopters and playing an ongoing  role in their efforts to improve overall aircraft maintenance and safety”.

For more information about eMan contact Vince Doherty, Vice President at 1-866-92-AviIT (922-8448) x 701 or visit
For more information about Era Helicopters contact 1-800 655-1414 or 1-337-478-6131 or visit

About AviIT:
AviIT provides the aviation sector with a range of innovative and cost-effective software product solutions to specific business issues. AviIT’s products are based on the latest thin client, web based and mobile software technologies enabling access to complex and critical information anytime, anywhere, over any network. Customers include Metro Aviation, STAT MedEvac, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, SkyService, Virgin Atlantic, Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd., bmi, Jet Corp., and Phoenix Air.

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