Smoke, Lights, Music – HeliAir launch Europe’s first R66

Smoke, Lights, Music – HeliAir launch Europe’s first R66

19-Feb-2011 Source:

Heliair today held a launch party for the first R66 in Europe, although the weather was certainly not favourable and the small number of demo flights were kept within the airfield boundary due to the cloudbase. Flights were also limited to those people who had already placed orders for the RR300 turbine-powered five seater from Robinson Helicopter Co.

Attended by approximately 300 people – helped by the Helicopter Club of Great Britain allowing use of their mailing list (for a fee!), Heliair put on a good show with music, lights and sound effects worthy of any big product launch.

After a very brief introduction by Heliair’s owner and Chairman Charles Peel, the stage was left for Managing Director Sean Brown to extol the virtues of the R66 and introduce the audience to Nick Hawes, the owner of ATN Farms from Brackley, who bought the R66 demonstrator the day before the launch

And we’ve already found a video of one of the flights already up on YouTube – a camera trick making it look like the R66 has four blades, but ably demonstrating the low cloudbase.

The event also supported the British Disabled Flying Association with over £500 raised in a raffle to win a ten minute flight for four – to be taken after the R66 is EASA certified, which is expected in May or June.

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