Bell delivers 412EPs with Becker Avionics DVCS6100

Bell delivers 412EPs with Becker Avionics DVCS6100

24-Feb-2011 Source: Becker Avionics

Bell Helicopter Tennessee (formally Edwards and Associates) recently delivered two new Bell 412EP Search and Rescue (SAR)/Fire Fighting helicopters to Japan with Becker Avionics’ DVCS6100 Digital Audio System installed. The DVCS6100 was chosen due to its unique ability to effectively manage and control multiple audio sources and cabin passenger positions in both helicopters. Becker’s Digital multichannel audio and intercom system, with its software configurable profiles, provides the flexibility to specifically customize the system to meet the demanding mission requirements for the operating agencies. The DVCS6100 manages all transceivers, receivers and audio warning sources in one central system and provides simulcast capabilities on 8 channels.

“Becker’s DVCS6100 is well suited to support both fire and rescue operations. The end customers fly critical missions that require an integrated solution that will deliver excellent interface capabilities, field programmability features, outstanding reliability, and the capability to transmit on up to 8 channels simultaneously, while delivering clear audio quality. These combined features in the DVCS6100 made it the audio system of choice for these new Bell 412s,” said Dan Berndt, Bell Tennessee Sales and Delivery Manager.

Brett Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Becker Avionics, commented, “We are proud of our new and close working relationship with Bell Tennessee;  they have a fantastic facility, a superb staff and capabilities. Their selection and integration of our product into these sophisticated, high profile aircraft, add to our growing customer base and confirm that our Digital Audio system is gaining in popularity.” He continued, “Becker Avionics is the worldwide brand leader in aircraft Digital Audio and intercom solutions for helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft applications-it’s one of our best selling products.”

About the DVCS6100
The DVCS6100 design provides the customer with ability to match a wide range of operational requirements with only one system. The built-in scalability and flexibility reduces not only the cost and time requirements for constant re-engineering and certification for a tailored system solution, but also reduces the learning curve for integration, maintenance and troubleshooting time. Through software programming options, the system is both easily and quickly configurable to individual customer requirements, thus saving time and money.

The DVCS’ open system architecture technology provides for operational comfort and superior voice quality, ensuring that almost any customer requirement can be met, while providing crystal clear communication for crew and passengers. Becker Avionics focuses on meeting individual requirements with the highest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art Digital DVCS6100 will enhance the effectiveness of any aerial platform. When compared to a legacy analog audio system, Digital technology provides simplified installation, improved performance, reduced wiring and weight, along with reduced installation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the comprehensive built-in-test (BIT) feature enables line maintenance crews to easily diagnose/isolate failures and replace system components quickly.

No matter what the mission; from Law Enforcement and EMS, to passenger transport and surveillance or utility operations, the Becker Digital Audio system ensures a more modern and capable aerial platform.

DVCS6100 Digital Audio System Features
The DVCS6100 has been designed for both rotary and fixed-wing applications. The product fully reflects Becker Avionics’ proven know-how of more than four decades in audio system development for the aerospace industry. Since the market introduction of the 1st DVCS generation, over 700 systems have been delivered, with all achieving outstanding field reliability. Our continuous product improvement program has made the DVCS6100 another Becker Avionics success story.

Becker’s Digital Audio technology is superior to any analog system, as it offers crystal-clear voice communication quality, a proven Man-Machine-Interface (MMI), outstanding reliability, scalability and flexibility, and is software configurable. The main system components of the DVCS6100 system are the Remote Electronic Unit (REU) 6100, the Audio Control Unit (ACU) 6100, and the optional Intercom Amplifier IC3100.

The product offers up to 8 communication transmit (TX) and up to 8 receiver (RX) channels, an integrated warning tone generator for up to 8 different signals, an amplifier for 2 cockpit speakers, as well as interfaces for 2 Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR), and a Public Address Amplifier (PA).

Up to 6 ACU’s can be operated together with one REU. Each unit can be configured with the included software to give complete adjustments across different on-board systems. The system also meets the highest standards for night operation under NVG and military conditions. The ACU6100 is available with NVIS green (MIL-STD 3009 Green B) and white Backlight, and offers emergency and slaved mode operation. Bottom line, the DVCS6100 represents a unique mission support tool that easily outperforms the competition.

Becker Avionics’ DVCS6100 provides ‘best in class’ performance and is the leader in commercially certified Digital intercoms!

About Bell Helicopter Tennessee
Bell Tennessee, located in Piney Flats is a leading helicopter refurbishment and new aircraft customization facility. They have built a reputation of excellence on mission-specific completions, repairs and maintenance.

With more than three decades of proven experience, Bell Tennessee provides customers with a unique, one-source solution for all helicopter modification and maintenance needs. Recognized as the world leader in Bell Helicopter completions, the Piney Flats location offers Bell customers around the world with a variety of turn-key services:

  • Maintenance
  • Overhaul and repair
  • Avionics
  • Painting
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Modifications and upgrades, and
  • Custom configurations of any kind

About Becker Avionics
Becker Avionics is a privately held high-tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes the latest communications, navigation, surveillance and search & rescue equipment for airborne and ground applications. Becker Avionics has a longstanding history of over 50 years in providing equipment to General and Corporate Aviation, ATC, law enforcement and military organizations around the world.

In order to support international market requirements the Company has established branches around the world. Becker Avionics supports an extensive customer base, such as, but not limited to Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter, EADS, Airbus, British Aerospace, ATR, CASA, RUAG, Xi’an Aircraft Corporation, AgustaWestland, Pilatus, German Air Force, Navy and Army, German Border Patrol, German Police, Austrian Army and Police, Swiss Air Force, Dutch Police, Security Civil, Irish Air Corps, Egyptian Navy, Indonesian Navy, Portuguese Air Force, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and US Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.

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