Revue Thommen demos slaving capabilities of HSL-1600 searchlight

Revue Thommen demos slaving capabilities of HSL-1600 searchlight 6 Mar, 11, Source: Revue Thommen

REVUE THOMMEN of Waldenburg, Switzerland will have an ongoing demonstration of the slaving capabilities of the NEW HSL1600 Helicopter Searchlight in Booth 4108 at Heli-Expo in Orlando.

The HSL-1600 has totally integrated software including the software that allows the searchlight to be slaved to IR and CCTV cameras and Mission Displays. Competitive searchlights require separate electronic components to be mounted in the aircraft avionics bay to accomplish slaving.

In Booth 4108, THOMMEN will deliver slaving commands to the HSL-1600 on display from a laptop simulating the performance of the searchlight under mission conditions. This will allow potential buyers to appreciate the tremendous advantage of the integrated capabilities of the THOMMEN HSL-1600. A list of the available interface protocols is available from THOMMEN.

“All current helicopter searchlight systems are a composite of multiple components; the searchlight, power supplies, junction boxes, slaving software interfaces, etc.” stated Rudolf Iten, THOMMEN’s Vice Chairman and Director of Sales and Marketing. “The THOMMEN HSL-1600 system is totally integrated within the searchlight itself, simplifying installation and operation. Our 1600 watt searchlight has undergone extensive testing and practical flight trials under the scrutiny of major European helicopter OEM’s and several large fleet operators in the law enforcement discipline and we passed with flying colors.”

Other revolutionary features include:
• A “patent pending” IR filter design that is incorporated within the light assembly allowing deployment at mission airspeed with a range of 1000 meters using the 4° to 20° beam focus capability.
• A large profile mounting plate and streamlined frame that work together to stabilize the beam allowing the aircraft to operate at higher airspeeds during searchlight operations and in normal flight with the searchlight in Park Mode.
• All software including the camera and mission display slaving capabilities are integrated in the searchlight gimbal.  The data is delivered from the other mission equipment through the dual RS422 interface standard in the system.
• A significant result of the single component system is a lighter installed weight PLUS a dramatic weight reduction when the searchlight system is removed for daylight operations.
• All solid state drives that deliver unparalleled smooth performance and contribute to the 5000 hr. MTBF reliability.
• All THOMMEN searchlights will be delivered with an EASA Form 1 Certificate of Airworthiness. No other manufacturer can offer a certified product.

First production deliveries of the HSL-1600 are scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2011. “The one thing that THOMMEN brings to the searchlight industry that no other manufacturer can is the superior workmanship, quality and customer service that are inherent in the Swiss culture and is a paramount component in everything THOMMEN does,” stated Mr. Iten.

REVUE THOMMEN AG is a leading manufacturer of aircraft mission equipment, instruments, and air data systems used worldwide on a full range of aircraft types from helicopters to military aircraft, corporate aircraft and commercial airliners. THOMMEN is a long established supplier to the global Aerospace Industry and a qualified supplier to the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers. THOMMEN maintains all the quality certifications including AS-9100, ISO 9001:2000, EASA Part 21 and EASA Part 145.

For more corporate and/or technical information go to or call Rudolf Iten in Switzerland @ 41-61-965-2343 or email to[email protected]. See the THOMMEN HSL-1600 @ Heli-Expo Booth 4108.

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