Sandel debuts in-flight comparison video of HeliTAWS and HTAWS systems at HAI

Sandel debuts in-flight comparison video of HeliTAWS and HTAWS systems at HAI

6-Mar-2011 Source: Sandel Avionics

Sandel Avionics has revealed dramatic side-by-side comparison video footage of its advanced ST3400H HeliTAWS terrain avoidance system and the HTAWS software option for the Garmin® GNS™ 430W that points out the difference in performance between HeliTAWS and a MOPS (minimum operating performance standard) unit.  The video, which will be shown first at HAI in Booth 3518, shows both displays mounted in the same helicopter, which flies a number of maneuvers in varying terrain conditions. The video provides graphic confirmation of the value of both the Sandel system’s proprietary TrueAlert™ technology, which virtually eliminates nuisance alerts, and its superior high-resolution display.

“Until we actually flew both systems, we had no idea of how much more useful our HeliTAWS is to a helicopter pilot,” said Gerry Block, Sandel’s CEO. “While both systems could, in theory, help avoid controlled flight into terrain, only HeliTAWS was able to recognize a real hazard, display it properly and provide valuable guidance without a constant barrage of nuisance alerts. We think that’s important because, if your safety system is constantly issuing false positives, it’s more likely to be ignored or turned off, which does you no good at all.”

Sandel’s ST3400H HeliTAWS is a 3-ATI terrain safety system that uses Sandel’s proprietary TrueAlert™ adaptive algorithms to understand pilot intent and provide terrain alerting while virtually eliminating nuisance alerting, a problem which plagues competitive systems. With TrueAlert, pilots can safely take off, cruise, hover and land at off-airport locations without triggering nuisance alerts, while still receiving the established benefits of Class-A terrain and obstacle warnings during the entire flight. The system is completely automatic and does not require pilot management of the phase of flight.

Other benefits of HeliTAWS include its off-airport landing capability; high-resolution 3-D terrain display; Class A HTAWS functionality; and such growth features as NVIS compatibility and the newly-announced WireWatchâ„¢ wire-strike avoidance technology. In addition to HEMS (helicopter emergency medical services), HeliTAWS is also ideally suited for such demanding missions as oil rig operations, tactical military support, airborne law enforcement and search & rescue.

Sandel Avionics, located in Vista, California, is a privately held company that provides compact integrated display systems for business aviation, air transport and regional, and rotary-wing aircraft. Recent successes include the company’s best-selling, turbine-class ST3400 TAWS and retrofit primary flight displays, and its new HeliTAWS™ is the helicopter industry’s first complete HTAWS solution. Learn more at

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