SkyBanners working with Global Vectra Helicorp in India

SkyBanners working with Global Vectra Helicorp in India

6-Mar-2011 Source: SkyBanners

Soon the skyline of major cities in India will see an unusual sight – huge banners being flown by helicopters that can carry brand messages, announce new movies releases, in fact the scope is limitless.

Making this possible is Oscean India, which has launched SkyBanners International in India. The company has tied up with Xtravision Media Associates, a Delhi-based media company, as its marketing partner to promote Skybanners in India. Global Vectra Helicorp has been roped in as the aviation partner that will be providing the helicopters.

In conversation with exchange4media, Ramesh Chandran, Director, Xtravision Media Associates, explained, “Skybanners are huge banners measuring over 10,000 sq ft to 20,000 sq ft and are designed to be flown underneath a helicopter for the purpose of aerial advertising display.”

The total weight of these banners is around 200 kg. In order to make the banners clearly visible and the message readable, the helicopters would be flown at a speed of 45 knots (100 km) an hour. The visibility range is said to be a 5 km radius.

Unique and impactful
Speaking on this medium of communication, Chandran said, “Given the sheer size and the novelty factor, it is a unique medium that instantly creates an impact. Unlike other static outdoor media, this is a very active medium.”

He further said that talks were on with prospective clients and some deals would be announced soon. The company is also planning to offer multiple city packages, which would bring down the price. Chandran, however, refused to divulge further detail on the price factor.

Speaking about the security issues involved since it involves the country’s airspace, Chandran said that due security clearance would be taken from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Air Traffic Control (ATC) prior to each flight wherein the flight path would be also intimated. In Delhi, additional prior clearance would have to be taken from the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), the Delhi Cantonment Board and the Airport Authority of India.

Eye on the sky
In a prepared statement, Rohit Sharma, CEO, Oscean India, said, “We have been working on this project for over six months with SkyBanners, New Zealand to institute operations in India. We found a great team with much larger experience in towing the Skybanners in Global Vectra Helicorp. They have one of the largest fleet of choppers in the country and specially the choppers that we needed for the operations.”

According to Balbir Kumar, Co-Founder of Xtravision Media Associates, “We do not need airports; all we need is an open ground to start our operations. We can target by cities and to a large extent by a cluster of localities within the city.”

Chandran added here, “Research in New Zealand has shown that 1 in every 3 people watch the message on this medium. However, New Zealand’s population is not concentrated as in most of the Indian cities, hence this ratio will change to 100 per cent reach in flying area in India.”

Brian Walker, Founder of SkyBanners International, invented the commercial concept of these unique helicopter banners, and now manufactures banners and conducts flight operations for clients internationally. SkyBanners International now operates in multiple markets where approvals have been granted to fly the banners over city and populated areas.

In a release issued, Walker said, “I have established Skybanner flight operations in 22 countries over the last 15 years. I consider India to be one of the most exciting markets in the world today. The economy is vibrant, and the large spread of population is perfectly suited to Skybanners – our flight campaigns will reach millions of people each time we fly, and that is the game we play – the ultimate exposure for our clients.”

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