SpiderTracks and AvConnect to offer AFF and data recording solution for helicopter operators

SpiderTracks and AvConnect to offer AFF and data recording solution for helicopter operators

6-Mar-2011 Source: SpiderTracks

HELI-EXPO 2011, ORLANDO, FL – Spidertracks and AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, have teamed up to offer helicopter operators the first fully automated and real-time tracking and pilot and aircraft records-keeping solution.

The partnership brings together spidertracks’ satellite-based flight following and tracking system with AvConnect’s flight data recording software to create a real-time aircraft management and tracking solution that will save helicopter operators time; ensure complete records are kept, and ultimately, reduce costs.

“The combination of these game-changing technologies gives our customers the unparalleled benefit of receiving complete and immediate flight data directly into their account in real-time,” says AvConnect CEO Erik Murrey.

“Pilots no longer have to think about, or take the time, to log any flight-related information. Every flight detail is recorded in real-time, which in turn automatically updates personal logbooks, aircraft status and flight entries, hobbs and tach times. The end result— anyone needing that aircraft information is informed instantly. Maintenance times are automatically calculated, triggering any reminders or notifications sent by AvConnect to the pilot or the team of people managing that aircraft. AvConnect iPhoneTM and iPadTM customers have the added bonus of accessing and managing their flight data; and viewing their flight track map via Google Earth from anywhere, at any time.”

Spidertracks is quickly establishing itself as a cost-effective AFF aircraft tracking solution with the added benefit of automatic SOS alerting in the event of an accident.

“This partnership enables AvConnect customers to access all the benefits of real-time tracking, and knowing exactly where all their aircraft are at all times. And the peace of mind of knowing that if anything goes wrong, spidertracks will automatically send out SOS alerts within minutes,” says Sales Director Bruce Bartley.

“Spidertracks clients who want to maximize the efficiency of their operations through more effective pilot and aircraft data management can now access this service seamlessly. It’s a real win-win for fleet customers,” he says.

About spidertracks
Spidertracks is a New Zealand-developed aircraft tracking system, launched in 2007 to fill the gap in the market for portable, simple and cost effective satellite-based tracking solution. Since then it has developed into a fully integrated aircraft location and automatic SOS alerting system with fit for purpose aviation hardware and websites specifically designed for both commercial operators and recreational pilots. Spidertracks uses the Iridium Satellite Network to ensure global coverage and reliability and is AFF compliant so can provide data directly to nominated government agencies. It is a proven, reliable tracking system with aircraft and vehicle fleet customers and recreational pilots using spidertracks in over 50 countries. Spidertracks’ North American office is in Boulder, Colorado.

About AvConnect
AvConnect provides a comprehensive online solution built to streamline and simplify aircraft ownership; connecting pilots and owner/operators to their service center, maintenance manager, fellow pilots, OEM and FBO through advanced online and mobile applications. From flight tracks and logbooks to complete maintenance tracking and tax preparation, AvConnect delivers the most efficient pilot and aircraft management system available for general aviation. AvConnect is an AvFusion, Inc. company, a privately held corporation based in Denver, Colorado.

For more information on AvConnect + spidertracks, visit www.AvConnect.net/go/spider. For more information on spidertracks, visit www.spidertracks.com.

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