North Flight Data Systems finalizes acquisition of OuterLink voice/video product line

North Flight Data Systems finalizes acquisition of OuterLink voice/video product line

10-Mar-2011 Source: North Flight Data Systems

NORTH Flight Data Systems LLC is pleased to announce that the company has completed its acquisition of the OuterLink Flight Data System and has begun deliveries from their new headquarters in Arlington Texas. “This product line acquisition is not merely a separation from OuterLink,” says President and CEO Jeffery Warner, “it is a continuation of a strong working relationship where we can both focus on our core competencies and work to further compliment one another’s product capabilities.” The deal moves the Cockpit Voice and Video Recorder as well as the Multi-Function Data Acquisition Unit and Quick Access Recorder under the NORTH FDS umbrella along with a comprehensive suite of software.

Warner says the finalization of the transaction is only the beginning. “We’ve already launched our second generation Flight Data System with the integration of a robust communications module within the MFDAU. The comm module will provide a Short Burst Data (SBD) Iridium modem along with Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity.”

As a result of this integration, NORTH FDS has substantially increased the computing capability and expansion options for the Flight Data System. “We are rapidly moving to enhance the capabilities of the system,” adds NORTH FDS Chairman, Mike Stanberry, “and continue to build upon a solid foundation to bring our customers the dynamic capabilities they need.”

NORTH FDS has recently added the COBHAM Autopilot interface as well as the full GARMIN GPS System data feed into the recorder data stream. “We are committed to integrating all the aircraft and accessory systems information to the recorder,” says Warner. “By integrating the GARMIN data, we not only collect a wealth of information but we can now integrate this information with tracking system data and allow customers to obtain GPS system flight plans as they are entered from the cockpit.”

With the EC135 STC already complete, NORTH FDS has completed the installation of an operational system in the EC145 and has active STC programs on the AS350, EC130, BH 407 and the EC155. NORTH FDS will be working with the OuterLink team during the HeliExpo in Booth #4437.

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