Patria’s new helicopter maintenance hangar opened in Utti

Patria’s new helicopter maintenance hangar opened in Utti


Patria has brought a new helicopter maintenance hangar into use in Utti. In 2010, the City of Kouvola built a 2,800-square-metre maintenance hangar, now leased by Patria. The hangar entered use at the end of January 2011.

The need for maintenance space stems from the plan between Patria and the defence administration concerning the regular maintenance of helicopters. The maintenance hangar fulfils the requirements of the Utti Jaeger Regiment’s operations while complementing the helicopter maintenance operations to be created on Patria’s premises in Halli, Jämsä.

‘The co-operation with the City of Kouvola has been smooth. The maintenance hangar is in an excellent location, guaranteeing continued seamless co-operation with the Utti Jaeger Regiment. Co-operation in helicopter maintenance is a long-term project, providing continuity and stability for the operations in this area,’ says President of Patria Aviation Lassi Matikainen.

‘The benefits include the jobs created by the project, which also makes it possible to begin training related to this field in Utti. Also, in the design and construction of the building, we have taken into consideration all possible future expansion of the maintenance operations,’ continues Matikainen.

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