Grey Owl Aviation Consultants offers Human Factors workshops

Grey Owl Aviation Consultants offers Human Factors workshops 12 Apr, 11, Source: Grey Owl Aviation Consultants

Grey Owl Aviation Consultants Inc. is offering two Human Factors Workshops during May in Titusville, Fla.

Human Factors – Phase I. May 18-19, 2011

To equip aviation maintenance technicians, supervisors and managers with the skills necessary to enhance safety, teamwork and efficiency in the workplace, and therefore, reduce aircraft maintenance errors. This workshop is in compliance with FAA and EASA 145 requirements.

The initial two-day, 16-hour workshop has been developed to give aviation technicians insight as to the human element that affects their judgment in the workplace. Central to the workshop is an in-depth discussion and examination of the Dirty Dozen, a variety of human factors such as complacency, distraction, fatigue, and stress, which all affect an individual’s decision making process. Through behavioral analysis and actual case studies, the workshop will demonstrate how safety nets, or countermeasures, can be instituted by the technicians to prevent incidents and accidents due to human error.

To register, please click here.

Human Factors – Phase II. May 20, 2011

To examine the human role in the chain of events that cause an aviation occurrence and develop ways to prevent or lessen the seriousness of the occurrence.

The one-day, 8-hour workshop includes a brief review of Phase I and the Dirty Dozen then moves on to study additional factors that affect a technician’s judgement in the workplace. In this session we focus on attitude, company culture, norms and verbal and written communication as human factors that affect judgement in the hangar. Once again, we study the safety nets and countermeasures that are necessary in a workplace to ensure that it is free of errors leading to aviation occurrences.

To register, please click here. editor note – the registration forms indicate that Grey Owl is running these sessions in association with Bristow Academy, a fact omitted from their press release

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