Heli-Russia 2011 roundup and news summary

Heli-Russia 2011 roundup and news summary

5-Jun-2011 Source: Heli-Russia

From May 19 to 21, 2011, the 4th International Exhibition of the Helicopter Industry— HeliRussia 2011—was held in compliance with the order of the Russian Federation government No. 1275-p issued on September 2, 2009, at the Crocus Expo Center. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the initiative of the Helicopter Industry Association. WAD “Russian Helicopter Systems” was a sponsor. The organizing committee of the exhibition was headed by Denis Manturov, the deputy minister of industry and trade. The title sponsor of HeliRussia 2011 was JSC “MIC “Oboronprom”, the general sponsor – company “Eurocopter Vostok”.

161 companies from 17 countries around the world participated, namely from Russia, Ukraine, USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, Columbia, Poland, Norway, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia.

Last year, 156 companies from 14 countries participated in the exhibition; 129  companies from 10 countries presented at the first exhibition; 144 companies from 14 countries presented at the second exhibition. The first HeliRussia received 129 companies from 10 countries.

The items on display at HeliRussia 2011 were arranged on the grounds of 10 750 sq.m, where 121 Russian and 40 international companies were presented. Among them were helicopter designers and manufacturers, helicopter simulators, components and special equipment for helicopters. Companies also providing ground support; radar monitoring; building of helipads, maintenance centers and fueling complexes have shown their products. Transport, leasing, and insurance companies have shown their products as well. The second year running, the exhibition displayed Autogiros. This year there were seven, compared to four in 2010.

15 helicopters were displayed at the exhibition: among them Ми – 38, Ка – 32 – 2 helicopters: with the fire-fighting and medical equipment, Ка – 226, EC135, As 350, AW139, AW109, SKYe SH09, AK1-3 (DB Aerocopter), R66, R44 (3 pcs), Berkut made by JSC “Moscow helicopter plant by M.L. Mil”, JSC “Kamov”, Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Robinson Helicopters, Marenco Swisshelicopter, CB Aerocopter, LLC “Berkut”.

In front of the exhibition hall, three helicopters were displayed: Ка – 32A11BC, Ка – 32 with medical equipment and the second experimental helicopter Ми – 38 made jointly by the Moscow DB by Mil and the helicopter plant in Kazan.

10 Russian and one foreign company displayed military products at HeliRussia 2011. Letters of congratulation from the President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy
Medvedev, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov, the plnipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Volga federal district Grigoriy Rapot, the Chairman of Federal Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergey Mironov have been received by the participants, organizers and guests of the exhibition.

The following guests participated in the official exhibition opening ceremony on May 19, 2011 at 12 o’clock in hall No. 1 of IEC “Crocus Expo”:
– Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov,
– first deputy minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Andrey Dmentiev,
– plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Volga federal district Grigoriy Rapot,
– first deputy chairman of Military-Industrial Commission of the Government of the Russian Federation Uriy Borisov,
– deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation Valeriy Okelov,
– major-general of the Army Aviation Combat Employment center of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Cherniyaev,
– president of the Helicopter Industry Association, the hero of Russia Sergey Mheev,
– general director of “MIC “Oboronprom” Andrey Reus,
– general director of JSC “Russia’s Helicopters” Dmitriy Petrov,
– chairman of Head Office of Helicopter Industry Association Michail Kazachkov,

Sergey Ivanov read out the address of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev to the guests and participants of the exhibition. It is stated in particular in the document that “the Russian items of display show again the patterns of equipment both of civil and military use, which find a market all over the world. Today it is important not only to support the current quality level but also to rapidly modernize the works and stimulate the development of innovation”.

In his speech, Ivanov pointed out a high interest of foreign helicopter-making companies to the Russian market, “The growth in the number of exhibitors of HeliRussia takes place annually mainly due to attraction of foreign companies which, on the one hand shows the transparency of our market and, on the other hand shows a high interest to it from the world leaders of helicopter business. Such a tendency demonstrates that it has turned into a respected and representational international show of this quickly developing and high-technology branch”.

He also pointed out that the Russian helicopter industry has preserved its competitive ability at the world market. “The Russian helicopter industry has a long history, good traditions; we have competitive products both of civil and military use”. He added that the exhibition is the only exhibition site in Russia showing the whole spectrum of Russian and world helicopter industry products.

The first deputy minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Andrey Dementiev read out greetings to all those present from the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in which the achievements of the home helicopter makers and the importance of the Russian exhibition grounds were pointed out: “It is important that the program of HeliRussia makes it possible not only to show innovations, but to exchange useful experiences, to discuss the whole spectrum of burning branch problems. I am sure that the exhibition will help to strengthen the innovation potential of home helicopter-making, development of cooperative connections, moving the products of Russian manufacturers to the world market”.

In turn, the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Volga federal district Grigoriy Rapot, who took part in the opening ceremony, pointed out that “The affair attracts the attention of world’s leaders in designing, making and use of helicopters. The unique technology and the most advance products are shown here”.

The backbone of the Russian display was the integrated stand of MIC “Oboronprom” including helicopter-making holding JSC “Russia’s Helicopters” and Integrated Engine-Building Corporation, which displayed 18 Russian companies on the grounds. Holding “Russia’s Helicopters” has had a highly intensive business program at the exhibition – technical conference “The role of helicopters in the solution of urgent regional problems” and round-table conference “The role of helicopters in the development of the Arctic Region”.

The first day of the exhibition was fruitful in signing the agreements of partnership for the helicopter-making holding. JSC “Russia’s Helicopters” and leasing company “WEBLeasing” signed an agreement on strategic partnership at the aviation market of Latin America. The agreement provides, in particular, rendering of leasing services whereby companies from Latin America want to buy and use new Russian civil helicopters. The holding and air company “UTAir” have signed an agreement on delivery of ten light helicopters Ми-34C1. As explained by the general director of air company “UTAir” A. Martirosov, according to the results of operation of these helicopters, the fleet of helicopters of this type in the air company may be increased in perspective up to 50. He told that it was planned to deliver the helicopters first of all to the training center of “UTAir” and to use them for training pilots and to monitor gas and fuel fields. That day, holding “Russia’s Helicopters” also signed a framework agreement with French company Turbomeca for the large delivery of engines for Ka-62 helicopters.

An agreement on the first order for delivery of 40 series engines of Turbomeca was signed by the general director of holding “Russia’s Helicopters” Dmitriy Petrov and the president of company Turbomeca Pier Fabr.

Agreements have been also signed among the other participants of the exhibition. Eurocopter has given air company “UTAir” a code certificate for which the Training center for the pilots of the company in Tyumen can provide training for pilots of Turbomeca. The Center in Tyumen has become the 20th in the world for training Eurocopter and the first, founded without participation of the helicopter maker, in the capital. According to the signed agreement, the Center gets the exclusive rights for training on the territory of Russia and CIS.

AgustaWestland has signed a contract for the delivery of two AW139s to Russian company Exclases Holdings.

40 foreign companies took part in HeliRussia 2011, among them the leaders of the world market, such as Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Sikorsky, “Motor Sich”, KC “Ivchenko – Progress”, Turbomeca, MArenco Swisshelicopter, Becker Avionics, Pall Corporation, Simplex Manufacturing, Absolute Fire Solutions, Air Methods Product Division, Ancol, Goodrish, H+S Aviation and others.

At HeliRussia 2011, Eurocopter displayed the first result of its cooperation with the Russian air industry – the EC135 which for the first time on the demand of the customer, air company “Gaspromavia”, carries Russian avionics made by Russian company “Transas” based at Saint Petersburg. The stand of Eurocopter displayed AS350 belonging to air company “UTAir”.

American company Sikorsky Aircraft has asserted itself at the Russian market after a very long interval. Vice president of the trade and marketing company Frank DiPaskuale declared the beginning of new official sales of his helicopters in Russia. In 2012, the company reckons to certify S-92 and S-434s in Russia. Sikorsky also plans to promote S-76Ds to the Russian market; however, the terms of its Russian certification are not clear, since this model has not been tested.

Company “Motor Sich” displayed at the exhibition modernized helicopter engine TB3-117BMA-СБМ1Ð’ designed by Ukraine engine builders for the needs of Russian Air Forces. Its feature is the possibility of adjustment of the automatic control system to the takeoff power from 2500 to 2800 h.p. depending on the helicopter type. The Ukraine designers think that the new engine can be used on the Russian helicopters, type Ми-8, particularly on Ми-171/172.

AgustaWestland displayed on its stand the AW139, the same as displayed by the company last year. It is planned that at the end of 2011, the first helicopters of this model will be manufactured in Tomilino, near Moscow.

At HeliRussia 2011 Swiss company Marenco Swisshelicopter held its first presentation at the Russian and European markets of its new helicopter SKY SH09. This is equipped with one gas turbine engine, has a takeoff mass of 2.5 t and is an all-composite structure. The stand displayed a full-size model of the helicopter. The assembly of the first flight model began this year in winter and the trial flights are planned for the beginning of 2012. The next exhibition will show a ready-flight item.

Shown at HeliRussia 2011 was the first Russian helicopter Robinson R66 presented by company Uralhelicom. Though this helicopter has not yet been certified in Russia, it already has a customer. It is planned that the R66 will be certified this year in the autumn. Among the Russian innovations at the exhibition was a coaxial two-seater “Berkut” with a takeoff mass of 785 to 830 kg. Its first flight is planned a month after the closing of the exhibition.

Interesting developments have been presented by the rotaplane makers who have been exhibiting here for two years. Shown among them were the two-seater Cavalon, an elegant MTOsport Гирос-1 and Гирос-2, popular among customers, and a light one-seater “Barsic” designed by the Voronezh State University.

Traditionally, the Helicopter Association International (HAI) participates at HeliRussia. Its delegation not only represents its organization on the exhibition floor but also participates in the international conference “Helicopter Market: Reality and Perspectives”, in the seminar “Future Development and Experience in Employment of Russian and Foreign Flight Standards”, in the international seminar “Flight Safety Control System in Helicopters”, and also in the ceremony for the winners of the Helicopter Industry Association awards.

The exhibition had a vast business program which included 34 diversified activities. One of its key activities was the 3rd International conference “Helicopter Market: Reality and Perspectives” organized by HAI and agency “AviaPort”. Discussed at the conference were the parameters of the Russian helicopter market from the position of helicopter equipment customers and makers. Presented were reports on the international helicopter market forecast made by Honeywell Aerospace’s Charles Park, on the American helicopter market made by HAI Vice President Edward DiCampli, and on the Russian helicopter market by Michael Kazachkov. The conference was held on the first day of the exhibition and had a broad resonance among the participants of the Russian helicopter market.

The third round-table conference “The Problems of Use of Alternate Fuels of Blau Gas Row (ASKT) in Helicopters and Other Airplanes” was devoted to alternate fuels. The conference was held by the Council of Experts in urgent scientific and technical and social and economic problems under vice speaker of the State Duma of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation together with CAHDO, StSRI CA and “Interaviagas”.

The round-table conference attracted a great interest from specialists. More than 80 persons from 45 organizations were present. The participants of the round-table conference pointed out that today a great deal of work has been done in the ASKT field, with high figures of efficiency and perspectives in innovation trends having been reached. The project has reached such a maturity level that the results of developments can be handed over to the industry and introduced in service. However to do this, additional capital assets are needed. To solve the financial problems of the project, participation in the state aviation technology development programs will be required. One of the most urgent problems for today is processing platform “Aviation Mobility”.

Round-table conference “Simulator Know-How – Flight Safety Improvement Reserve” was held at HeliRussia 2011. It attracted a great interest on the part of the professionals of the aviation community – the two hours provided for a Q and A session was barely enough! More than 130 specialists and representatives of mass media gathered to listen to the speakers of the round-table conference; among them the representatives of government institutions, the leading Russian aviation simulator makers, the representatives of certifying agencies, and the users of aviation simulators. Such an interest in the round-table conference is understandable – the number of flight accidents and air crashes of helicopters in different structures of the state and civil aviation is still too high.

The club of experts together with JSC “Russian Ventures Company” held a round-table conference devoted to the development of scientific researches and developments (R&D) in corporations, as well as in small and medium innovation companies. A report was made by the director of scientific and research center of JSC “Russia’s Helicopters” Podoryaschev D.A., the member of the board of JSC RVK Ruznetsov E.B., the generator director of JSC “Interaviagas” Zaytsev V.P., and the expert of International intellectual property organization Leontyev B.B.

At HeliRussia 2011, the winners of the contest “Helicopters of XXI Century” organized by the JSC “MIC “Oboronprom”, JSC “Russia’ Helicopters”, as well as of the photographic contest “Beauty of Rotorcrafts” were awarded.

For the first time, was the International Journalistic Contest for the best publication on helicopters. Laptop computers were presented to four winners of the contest by the Chief of the board of directors of National Association of Journalists “Mediacratiya”.

Newspaper ShowObserver HeliRussia 2011 was published at the exhibition.

For the three working days of the exhibition, more than seven thousand visitors attended. Among them were the notables and statesmen of the Russian Federation and of other states, the representatives of foreign military agencies, as well as businessmen and non-professionals of helicopter sport. Many visitors were ordinary citizens with  children who examined the cockpits and passenger compartments of the helicopters of different makers with great pleasure.

The next, Fifth, HeliRussia 2012 will be held at the same grounds, in IEC “Crocus Expo” from 17 to 19 May, 2012.

We are confident that it will continue to grow and prove ever-more successful.

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