RTE’s fleet reach 250,000 hours on Turbomeca engines

RTE’s fleet reach 250,000 hours on Turbomeca engines

27-Jun-2011 Source: Turbomeca

At the International Paris Air Show, Olivier Andries, Chairman and CEO of Turbomeca (Safran group) and Régis Magnac, Director of RTE, company in charge of the Electricity Transmission Network (TEN), are celebrating 250.000 flight hours for Turbomeca engines Used in aerial work helicopter for surveillance and maintenance of the French Electricity transmission network (high and very high voltage).

Turbomeca has-been Supplying engines for RTE’s helicopter fleet for over 50 years, from Artouste to Arriel engines.

The family of Turbomeca Arrius engines LINKED was solid experience of More than 2.700 Delivered engines, one million flight hours Accumulating five. Today, the newest IT Power generation single and twin-engine light helicopters.

Turbomeca has-been Producing 10.000 Arriel engines. The Arriel family records total flying hours flying 32 Million, The Most Reliable Remaining engine in its class.

The fleet of 11 helicopters including RTE Currently: nine single-engine Ecureuil helicopters Equipped with Turbomeca Arriel engines (seven dedicated to power line inspections and dedicated to Two pylon erection operations and missions mountain environment), as well as twin-turbine helicopters Two Equipped with Arrius engines (one squirrel for maintenance operations with operators working in human external cargo baskets and one EC 135 inspections in line for Paris area).

The helicopters are maintenance and repair Used For inspections on the 100.000 kilometers of electrical power lines in the RTE network, Carried out by 120 pilots and 13 Collaborators Including 13 mechanics, Supported by engineering experts, site managers and linesmen Authorized for aerial work on voltage.

RTE works in close partnership with Turbomeca and Its unit Specializing in flight tests, Carrying out Hundreds of hours of flight tests for RTE. This collaboration made ​​it possible to Develop Specific equipment for the optimization of human external cargo operations basketball on high voltage power lines.

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