London’s Air Ambulance launches new hard-to-find website

London’s Air Ambulance launches new hard-to-find website 3 Jul, 11, Source:

London’s Air Ambulance launched a visually appealing new website on 1st July, but you cannot find it on Google!  Try looking for it and the old URL comes up, but that fails.  Some careful detective work by found it at – and it’s worth checking out.  However, we would have expected that any web design company worth its salt would have ensured that the old website address automatically forwarded onto the new one for a good period, many website owners assuming at least a year overlap in our experience.

With stunning photography, the website helps to launch what is effectively a new team at London’s Air Ambulance with new Business Development Manager and PR Manager earlier in 2011.  It is certainly a huge step forward over the previous site, and we wish them every success in utilising the power of the web to keep their MD902 funded and in the air.  The website launch also coincided with a new logo for the organisation, shown below.

A little disappointing is that the website went live with no profiles  on the “Our team” page, and nothing in the “Gallery” either.  “Awaited” notices do not endear users!

Jeremy Parkin –

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