Spain approves $30M upgrade for AB212 ASW fleet

Spain approves $30M upgrade for AB212 ASW fleet 3 Jul, 11, Source:

On Friday 1st July, the Spanish Government approved the contract to modernise the country’s fleet of Agusta-Bell AB212 ASW helicopters.  The value of the deal is 21 million euros (approx $30.5M), and will tie the Spanish Navy over until they fully introduce their NH90s.  This upgrade program is one of just two approved for the whole year, with money to be spent on their fixed wing C-130 Hercules aircraft the only other survivor of drastic budget cuts.  The Navy originally took delivery of 14 AB212s, licence built in Italy by Agusta to the standard Bell design, with arrivals spanning over seven years from 1974 to 1980.

The AB-212’s main missions in Spain are tactical transport of both personnel and cargo, parachuting, command and control platform, medical evacuation, rescue air service and logistical support. The upgrade is to ensure longegity of the AB212 fleet and sees a range of new equipment to be installed including upgraded marine radar.

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