Aersolution expands range to include full EMS interiors

Aersolution expands range to include full EMS interiors 25 Jul, 11, Source: Aersolution

Aersolution GmbH, founded 2006 as an aircraft engineering service supplier, has extended its product range to entire EMS interiors for rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

For several years, Aersolution has designed high end modifications for medium and large body VIP fixed wing aircrafts. In parallel, Aersolution developed complex interior components for Emergency Medical Service operators mainly for system integrators.

The company has gained for its products worldwide an excellent reputation due to proven reliability, user friendliness and for light weight.

Now, Aersolution will approach the market as an entire EMS Interior provider. As of now, the company will focus on small and medium, single and twin engine rotorcraft as well as fixed wing aircraft.

Aersolution provides complete turnkey solutions including engineering, design, manufacturing, certification and installation for the EASA as well as the FAA environment. Also the after sales service is established to guarantee customer satisfaction for products in operation.

To achieve these ambitious goals, Aersolution has hired experienced and qualified employees and has invested in high tech infrastructure.

As per July 1st 2011, the management of Aersolution was able to commit Harald Riner as the responsible manager for sales and marketing. Mr. Riner has worked several years as head of Sales for a major EMS supplier.

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