Pair of protestors claim Bible motive in attacking Tiger

Pair of protestors claim Bible motive in attacking Tiger


Bryan Law 57 from Cairns Peace by Peace and Graeme Dunstan, 67 of Peace Bus were both arrested and placed in custody after being allegedly involved with damaging a Tiger attack helicopter at Rockhampton airport on Thursday.  Law will face five charges in a Rockhampton court on August 5, including two counts of wilful damage, one count of each of trespass, possession of tainted property (a garden mattock and bolt-cutters), and breach of bail conditions whereby he had undertaken not to go near the Rockhampton airport.

On his blog, Bryan is reported “relatively well and pleased that he was able to carry out a strong act of disarmament that signals his abhorrence for Australia’s ongoing involvement in overseas wars.  “I can sleep with myself and with my conscience during this abominable war. The Tiger helicopter is a malicious weapon – the same sort of attack helicopter as the Apache gunship the US’ers use. The main cause of civilian deaths is when helicopters misfire on civilians when searching out ‘insurgents’ in operations – this is why I chose this helicopter.”

(see also video report)

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