Stadium land given to expand Islamabad Heliport

Stadium land given to expand Islamabad Heliport 29 Aug, 11, Source:

The Pakistan government has reportedly decided to expand the Islamabad heliport by cutting short the size of a cricket stadium planned nearby several years ago, reports local news website  The transfer of 8 acres (3.24 hectares) has been approved by the Capital Development Authority according to an official requesting anonymity, with the reason given that the additional area would help improve security.  The heliport, currently covering 23 acres, is managed by the Pakistan Army is mainly used by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and other Government VIPs.

However, a senior official of Islamabad Cricket Association, whose land has been reportedly sequestrated, was unaware of the decision, and said that his organisation would approach the relevant Government officials to get the move withdrawn, citing an intention to take the issue to a court if it is not reversed.

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