Air Ambulance raises $1.3M from one event

Air Ambulance raises $1.3M from one event 7 Sep, 11, Source: STARS

The Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) is pleased to announce that CEO Rescue in the Rockies for STARS raised the single largest dollar amount ever in one day for STARS with a record-breaking $1.3 million.

STARS partnered with five prominent Calgary-based CEOs and dropped them in Kananaskis Country, 25 kilometres northeast of Canmore, just east of Lake Minnewanka. Using only their cell phones to collect donations, the CEOs had no choice but to “earn” their survival by remaining on the mountain until they raised $100,000 each, at which point they were “rescued” by STARS Air Ambulance. Each CEO went above and beyond and exceeded their original goal.

“Participating in this challenge was a privilege by knowing what we were able to accomplish together,” says George Gosbee, President and Founder of Altacorp Capital Inc. and event challenger, “We’d like to thank our family, friends and colleagues who generously donated funds to help ensure that STARS’ emergency medical response services stay in the air as a valuable resource for our region.”

The brave CEOs who competed with Mr. Gosbee included Bill McCaffrey, President and CEO of MEG Energy Corp.; Kevin Neveu, President & CEO of Precision Drilling Corporation; Don MacDonald, Chairman of Sanjel Corporation; and Craig Stewart, Executive Chairman of RMP Energy Ltd.

The CEOs faced a series of challenges while on the mountain, including the “TELUS King of the Mountain” survivor challenge, which rewarded an extra $10,000 in fundraising dollars to Kevin Neveu, who lit a fire first and boiled a pot of water using the limited resources at his disposal. Bill McCaffrey won a hot lunch for raising the most money on the mountain in half an hour.

“The outcome of this event has been quite remarkable, and we hope it motivates our challengers to participate again next year,” says STARS Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Greg Powell. “We also hope it struck a chord for the adventurous and philanthropic spirit of future challengers.”

In support of CEO Rescue in the Rockies for STARS, TELUS created a unique wireless infrastructure to enable fundraising efforts from the remote site. As proud supporters of STARS, TELUS and its team members have invested more than $1 million in this vital organization since 1991.

Funds raised through CEO Rescue in the Rockies for STARS will support the STARS mission of providing a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured.


STARS is a charitable non-profit organization that has responded to more than 20,000 emergencies since it began in 1985. STARS provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week from bases in Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie. STARS unique model of community, corporate and government support allows us to continue innovating excellence in patient care

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