ASU instructs on NVIS at Silverhawk Aviation Academy

ASU instructs on NVIS at Silverhawk Aviation Academy

8-Sep-2011 Source: Aviation Specialties Unlimited

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) instructors spent time at Silverhawk Aviation Academy in Caldwell, Idaho teaching future pilots about the use of night vision goggles.  Students participated in initial ground school training and were given an orientation on night vision systems.

“We wanted to take time to give back not only to our community, but also our industry by providing some very basic NVG academic training to the future pilots studying at Silverhawk Aviation Academy,” said ASU Instructor and pilot Kim Harris.  “The training and information we provided these students will help them chose which aviation career path they want to pursue.  No matter what field they enter as a new pilot, NVIS use is becoming more prevalent and it is essential that students learn this aspect of flight.”

Silverhawk Aviation Academy is owned and operated by Catherine Weber.  The academy is a Federal Aviation Administration 141 flight school.

“NVIS are being more widely used than ever before,” said Weber.  “ASU currently provides the highest quality of NVIS training available, having trained numerous military, government, foreign, and domestic operators.   Looking at the history of ASU and their dedication to providing the best NVIS training possible, it is clear that their bottom line is about more than selling goggles or modifying cockpits. From the president and CEO to the individual instructor and employee, this company is dedicated to the concept of equipping and training the helicopter industry with probably the most singularly significant piece of safety equipment for helicopter night operations, ever.  There is no question that many lives have been saved and many accidents averted due to the proper training and use of NVIS.  ASU has been the leader in bringing this technology to the civilian helicopter market.”
About ASU
Since 1995, ASU’s goal has been to implement night vision in the civil aviation market to increase operational safety and improve mission capabilities. Our focus is on providing a turnkey solution to our customers so that with one call they can obtain:

  • Night vision goggles and replacement parts
  • Service/inspection for goggles
  • NVG cockpit lighting solutions, installed by our FAA-approved 145 repair station technicians at our facility in Boise, Idaho, or at the customer’s facility
  • Cockpit replacement parts provided by our FAA-approved PMA
  • Initial and recurrent training for flight crews on the use of night vision via an FAA-approved 141 Training Program and/or 135 Air Operator Certificate
  • Assistance in establishing Night Vision Programs.

To date, ASU is quickly closing in on 600 aircraft STC installations and sold over 2,500 aviator systems here in the U.S.  For additional information, call 208-426-8117 or e-mail ASU at

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