NVG Cockpit Lighting Conformity Training for LA County Fire Dept

NVG Cockpit Lighting Conformity Training for LA County Fire Dept

8-Sep-2011 Source: Night Flight Concepts

Night Flight Concepts, a leading provider of night vision solutions, announced today that the Los Angeles County Fire Department Air Operations Section has successfully completed certification training of the Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Lighting Conformity Test Kit. Los Angeles Country Fire is now equipped and trained to monitor night vision imaging system (NVIS) lighting airworthiness in-house and to FAA regulatory standards.

The training program, developed and delivered by Night Flight Concepts, is part of a new NVG Lighting Conformity Test Kit (LM-33-550) developed by Hoffman Engineering which provides organizations with standardized tools, evaluation procedures and comprehensive training to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and conformity of NVIS modified aircraft lighting.

“Los Angeles County Fire uses advanced technologies, like NVGs, to enable real time, 24/7 pro-active support to the citizens and surrounding areas of Los Angeles County,” explained David Eastham, Los Angeles County Fire Chief, Helicopter Maintenance, “The course was very informative and provided the knowledge base needed to effectively evaluate our aircraft.”

“Night Flight Concepts is pleased to help Los Angeles County Fire Department obtain the tools and training to develop and maintain a NVG lighting maintenance program to ensure compliance and conformity with FAA NVG lighting standards,” stated David Luke, Night Flight Concepts V.P. Maintenance Programs.

The NVG Lighting Conformity Test Kit (LM-33-550) provides the equipment components, processes and procedures for testing NVG modified cockpits. It provides standardized components for repeatable test results to ensure compliance with regulatory guidance in the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) of an NVG Lighting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The NVG Lighting Conformity Test Kit is a turnkey solution for maintaining aircraft NVG lighting featuring a USAF 1951 high and medium contrast resolution target, precise illumination source, digital light meter, light stands, tape measure, and an operator computer based training (CBT) program with evaluation checklists, packaged in a lightweight portable storage/transport case.

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