MD600 becomes museum piece

MD600 becomes museum piece

14-Sep-2011 Source:

California-based Classic Rotors have added an MD Helicopters MD600 to their collection.  Back in October 2010, broke the news that the US Customs and Border Protection (part of the Dept of Homeland Security) had put their MD600 fleet into desert storage at the AMARC facility in Arizona.  It is one of this fleet, registered N606BP, that Classic Rotors have acquired.

The MD600 as a helicopter type has had mixed success.  Developed from the original NOTAR model, the MD520N by stretching the cabin to take two more passengers, the MD600N proved too expensive for many customers.  Only two large fleets ever existed, with the US Customs mentioned above, and the Turkish Police.  UK private and corporate operators were the third largest group, some of whom operated 600s on the US or Cayman registers.

In the last eight years, MD have delivered a total of just ten MD600s, serial numbers RN069 through RN078.  A total of 79 have been made (1 pre-production based on an MD530FF and 78 production) and a further three are registered to the manufacturer but not sold or delivered. estimates that no fewer than 27 of these have been written off or withdrawn from use for long-term storage.

UPDATE – Classic Rotors have also acquired N602BP.  You can see both in the photo below, taken during their road trip from AMARC

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