HeliHub.com launches context-sensitive advertising

HeliHub.com launches context-sensitive advertising

21-Sep-2011 Source: HeliHub.com

HeliHub.com is launching a new concept in advertising on its website, driven by the actual content of particular webpages. In a move proven by Google, advertisers will be able to book an advert which only appears on specific pages on the HeliHub.com industry portal website.

Aero Maintenance Ltd from the UK is the launch customer for this service.  Having completed the first Eurocopter EC120 overhaul in the UK, they are now advertising on every news story on HeliHub.com which concerns the EC120 model of helicopter.

The possibilities this releases are enormous.  Not only does it allow an advertiser to build its brand on pages suitable for the products or services that it sells, it also provides the opportunity to target areas of the market it would like to expand into, or win business from.  A Robinson service centre may want to target R44 owners.  A company selling an EC135 may focus on every story about AgustaWestland’s AW109.   A company specialising in resprays of helicopters in, say, California and Nevada, can put a suitable advert out on all Californian and Nevadan stories.  Or just a particular event such as Helitech 2011.

Pricing for this service is dependent on the volume of stories that you advertise in, and thus each enquiry will be treated as an individual request for a quotation.  Initial contact should be made direct to Jeremy Parkin on +44 7785 933009 9am-7pm weekdays, UK time (4am-2pm Eastern)

HeliHub.com is a fast-expanding helicopter industry web portal.  With a wider coverage of news stories than any other similar website, HeliHub.com also reports on more helicopter accidents and incidents than any other as well.  Furthermore, global helicopter industry tenders can be searched on the site, as well as safety documents such as Airworthiness Directives, SAIBs etc.

HeliHub.com owner Jeremy Parkin has a long history in the research of helicopter data across the globe. Starting in 1983, he maintained a very detailed database of every helicopter in the UK, expanding in 1987 to cover all of Europe.  By 1991 the database was global and numbered over 100,000 airframes of both civil and military helicopter types. This data was widely marketed and sold to civil and military organisations across the world. Mr Parkin has had six helicopter books published, including five annual volumes of the most comprehensive civil helicopter directory based on the aforementioned database. Mr Parkin launched the helicopter industry’s first news website in 1999, and purchased HeliHub.com on 1st January 2010

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