FAA approve Dart’s AW139 Maintenance Kits

FAA approve Dart’s AW139 Maintenance Kits 14 Oct, 11, Source: Dart

DART Helicopter Services (DHS) is pleased to announces that DART Aerospace Ltd. (DAS) have received FAA approval of the following New Maintenance Kits for the AgustaWestland AW139 / AB139 Cargo Door Fwd Opening, Maintenance Step, Floor Protector Kit and Engine Wash Kit.  Transport Canada and EASA approvals are pending.

Cargo Door Fwd Opening Kit

The DAS Cargo Door Fed Opening Kit provides improved safety by converting the existing upward opening cargo bay door to a forward opening configuration.  The kit includes two sturdy CNC machined hinges, an additional latch and a gas spring that assists in opening and closing and ensures that when opened the door will not inadvertently close.  This kit may be installed on either or both the LH and RH cargo bay doors.

Maintenance Step
The new DAS Maintenance Step Kit provides a secure work platform that is ideally located on the left and/or right side of the aircraft roof so that it can be used by the pilot and maintenance personnel to perform inspections on the main rotor and transmission. The kit installs easily with bolts into existing plug locations (for blade fold and mooring provisions) at STA 5795.0 and 5128.3. Fabricated from sturdy CNC machined components, the Maintenance Steps feature a non-slip embossed relief pattern for added personnel safety and a machined design for additional durability.

Floor Protector
Durable lightweight protection for the cargo compartment area honeycomb flooring. The Floor Protector panels are constructed of high density, impact resistant aerospace grade polycarbonate that will not warp or crack from extremes of heat or cold. The kit consists of three panels that are securely attached to the floor into existing nut plates.

Engine Wash Kit
The DAS Engine Wash Kit plumbs into the existing engine wash fittings, making the engine wash system easily accessible from the ground.  Also available though DHS as a related product is Red Barn Machine’s Series 500 Compressor Wash System with Auxiliary Air Tank ideal to be used in conjunction with DAS Engine Wash Kit. This system will deliver was and rinse cycles within manufacturer specifications so you can be confident that critical engine components are being maintained safely, easily and with precision.

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