Avlite delivers covert solar runway lighting systems to US Forces

Avlite delivers covert solar runway lighting systems to US Forces

18-Oct-2011 Source: Avlite Systems

Avlite Systems has received two separate orders for the AV425-RF solar powered covert airfield lighting systems in the continental United States.  The US Air National Guard and the US Air Force will take delivery of these systems for installation and training operations before the end of the year.  The AV425-RF covert airfield lighting system is designed for permanent, sustaining or tactical use.  The self-contained solar runway edge light is capable of operating at FAA non-precision medium intensity photometrics and/or in NVG mode for covert operations.  The ability to operate the infrared and visible LEDs at the same time offers enhanced safety for aviators flying with or without night vision goggles due to certain visible LED wavelengths not being recognized by the human eye.  Working with the customer to understand and support their tactical and permanent lighting requirements over the past few years, Aviation Renewablesprovided design and operating parameters for covert runway, tactical box and one or permanent visible lighting needs to support training and contingency operations at each airfield.  The AV-425-RF-IR will support a wide range of applications, thereby increasing the operational flexibility, capability and safety of operations for the US Air Force and Air National Guard.  The light can be permanently mounted and is also easily transported for quick deployment with the option to store, transport and charge inside rugged pelican cases.  Industry’s best and next-generation, 2.4GHz AVMesh network controls all of the lights’ functions including on/off, intensity settings, battery diagnostics, grouping and toggling between visible and infrared modes.  Aviation Renewables and Avlite Systems continue to be a leader in technology solutions and custom designed solar airfield lighting systems.  For more information on Avlite solar airfield lighting and supporting solutions, please visit www.avlite.com orwww.aviationrenewables.com

About ARC – Aviation Renewables Corp.

Aviation Renewables represents manufacturers that produce green-tech and energy savings solutions for the aviation industry while acting as a centre of excellence for airports, industry stakeholders, customers and a global distribution network.  Aviation Renewables combines unique technologies from leading manufacturers to create customized solutions for the benefit of the industry, environment and its global customers.  For more information on renewable aviation solutions and energy efficient airfield lighting, please visit www.aviationrenewables.com

About Avlite Systems Ltd.

Avite Systems provide world leading solar powered aviation lighting and control systems for some of the most trusted airports and customers in the world including the US Air Force, US ARMY, US Marines, United Nations, Canadian Air Force and international airports on all major continents.  Avlite solar aviation lighting includes a 3-year warranty, replaceable battery, encrypted radio control and custom designed aviation optical lens. For more information on please visit www.avlite.com

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