Canadian SAR technician to get bravery award

Canadian SAR technician to get bravery award 23 Oct, 11, Source:

The man who rescued the only survivor from the Cougar S92 crash in March 2009 is getting the Governor General’s Medal of Bravery award. Ian Wheeler is an SAR technician with Cougar Helicopters. Cougar Flight 491 was heading to an offshore installation when it crashed into the Atlantic.  Robert Decker escaped the aircraft, severely injured – falling in and out of consciousness as he floated in the debris field. Wheeler was lowered from a rescue helicopter and fought 2m waves and the wind action from the rotor blades to reach him. The rescue basket was lowered to them, and after many attempts, Wheeler was able to place Decker inside. Wheeler remained un-tethered during the lift as he tended to Decker, who was hypothermic.  The Governor General’s office says the Medal of Bravery will be presented to Wheeler at a later date.

William P Johnson – US correspondent

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