HELP NEEDED – EASA trying to ban Robinsons at night

HELP NEEDED – EASA trying to ban Robinsons at night

24-Oct-2011 Source:

In 2009 EASA published their proposed operation and equipment rules, and many pilots submitted responses.   EASA have listened to those comments and to the recommendations of the NCO Review Group , and have now published their proposed rules.    The resulting text (after the changes) of the revised ops rules for non commercial light aircraft and helicopters can be seen at:

These revised rules are a significant move forward for private pilots across the EASA countries, but are not quite perfect!  The following list shows the impressive progress made – the following are clearly good for helicopter operations:

  • No helicopter float requirement if you stay within 50nm of the shore
  • No requirement to carry a life raft over water if you stay within 50nm of the shore
  • No ELT requirement – just carry a PLB if 6 seats or under
  • No requirement to change an ASI if calibrated in MPH
  • No requirement to fit a second Attitude Indicator for night flight
  • No requirement to fit a moveable light for night flight – additional static lights will do as on Robinsons
  • No requirement for an Alternate Static pressure source for night flight

However, there is one last item which is bad and would mean that no Robinson could fly at night.

  • Requirement for a heated pitot for night VMC flight

The team consider that if enough people object to this, it will be changed to allow VMC night flight without pitot heat.  Your objection is therefore very important!  Please file your to comments on the EASA Comment response website about this one remaining unnecessary rule.  Please also compliment the good changes.  Please persevere, as the commenting process is not that simple! Here is what you have to do:

  1. go to
  2. Log in or register
  3. click on ‘View Documents’
  4. Find ‘Part-NCC and Part-NCO’ (currently on page 3 if viewing 10 documents per page)
  5. Right click, and select ‘Add / Edit reactions’
  6. Click on ‘Add a General reaction’
  7. Type your comments, or create a pdf file with your comments and attach it. Optionally, you can use and attach the template at
  8. click on the ‘Save’ button


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