LA Helicopters raises standards on Vertical Reference/Long Line course

LA Helicopters raises standards on Vertical Reference/Long Line course 26 Oct, 11, Source: LA Helicopters

In keeping with their real world theme LAH has raised the bar for completion standards on their Vertical reference/Long Line course with the addition of the “Air Con” and “Pole in the Hole” exercises.

“In order for a Pilot to successfully complete our program they are now tasked with picking up and setting an Air Conditioning Unit onto bolts. The lead up to that is placing a simulated Power Pole into a hole as well as our basic exercises which include flying Medical litters, nets and barrel slings”, said LAH’s Chief Pilot Part 133, Andre Hutchings.

Ground Crew Manager, Trevor Stanley states; “We spent a great deal of time developing these new exercises in order to introduce potential Utility/LL Pilots to some of the actual flying regimens they may face in their Careers. To watch a Pilot come to us with zero VR/LL experience at the beginning of the course and walk away at the end having set an Air Con unit on bolts and a power pole in place is truly awesome, this exercise is the real thing!”

To view our Air Conditioning exercise video, view our Youtube channel:

About Los Angeles Helicopters
LAH is based in Long Beach, CA and conducts flight training, VR/LL, Advanced Emergency procedures, Mountain courses, tour operations and charters.

LAH is authorized to issue the Form I-20 for international students to obtain an M-1 visa and approved by the VA to accept the Montgomery GI Bill.

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