UK: Longmint Aviation in liquidation

UK: Longmint Aviation in liquidation

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The UK helicopter industry has for some while been watching the Longmint companies, which are known to be in trading difficulties.  We have already reported on the liquidation of Sterling Helicopters Ltd 8th August 2011, and we can now report the next stage – the liquidation of Longmint Aviation Ltd.

Longmint Group Ltd is a holding company, and owned 80% of Longmint Aviation Ltd up to the point of its liquidation.  The 20% balance was owned by one Ian Macgregor, a pilot with an address in the Shoreham area.

To provide the complete picture, we are also detailing here the full list of subsidiaries of Longmint Aviation Ltd – all owned 100% except as noted:-

  • Sterling Helicopters Ltd – already in liquidation (see link above)
  • Mann Aviation Group Engineering Ltd – (business taken over by Gama Engineering – see story) which in turn had the following 100% subsidiaries
    • Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd
    • Mann Aviation Ltd – dormant company
    • Mann Avionics Ltd – dormant company
  • Skydrift Ltd
  • Total Air Management Services Ltd
  • Falcon Jet Centre Ltd
  • Fast Helicopters Ltd (33% shares owned by Longmint Aviation Ltd, the other 67% being owned by Longmint Group Ltd)

Industry contacts have indicated to that all of the employees of Alan Mann Helicopters were made redundant last week, which ties in with the liquidation of Longmint Aviation Ltd.

Fast Helicopters continues trading at present.  Multiple sources have told that the company is to close its base at Thruxton during November, even though a researcher posing as a potential student pilot was advised to call back in the spring when the weather had improved.

For completeness, Longmint Group Ltd has two other subsidiaries aside from  the liquidation of Longmint Aviation Ltd.  These are Longmint Ltd, a property company with one active and various dormant subsidiaries, and Newick Park Ltd, a country house hotel in Sussex.  The latter has had official papers filed regarding liquidation since 13th July, although the document formally appointing a liquidator was not filed until 14th October.

All of the company ownership information presented in this report are taken from the latest available

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