EASA approves Tech-Tool EC120/EC130 replacement windows

EASA approves Tech-Tool EC120/EC130 replacement windows 16 Nov, 11, Source: Tech-Tool Plastics

European EC120 and EC130 operators have a new source for helicopter replacement windows following European Aviation Safety Agency approval of a Supplemental Type Certificate for Tech-Tool Plastics’ standard and special application replacement windows. FAA and Transport Canada approvals have been previously received.

Available replacement windows include windshields, skylights and forward and aft door windows. The windows are available in clear and bronze tint for all windows. Optional reinforced edging is available on all windows and windshields for the Eurocopter EC120 and EC130, providing significant stability to the windows during extreme temperature changes. The forward door windows come standard with slides. However, forward door windows are also available without slides for operators that require maximum visibility.

The company’s replacement windows are ideal for emergency medical, law enforcement and aerial photography applications.

About Tech-Tool Plastics

Tech-Tool Plastics specializes in the design and manufacture of replacement windows for Bell, Eurocopter, MD Helicopter, Robinson and Schweizer helicopters. The company’s 40 years of experience with helicopter windows results in a full inventory of superior quality products that will fit correctly and install quickly and easily. Learn more by visiting Tech-Tool Plastics website at www.tech-tool.com.

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