SB47 at NAAA with refurbished 47G-2A

SB47 at NAAA with refurbished 47G-2A

2-Dec-2011 Source: Scotts Bell 47

Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc. will be exhibiting a refurbished 47G-2A at the NAAA (National Agricultural Aviation Association) Convention Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada Dec 6-7. This helicopter, operated by sister company Scott’s Helicopter Services, Inc., is an example of the quality of refurbishment that SB47 hopes to offer to the marketplace in the coming months.

The helicopter will highlight a number of refurbishments & improvements for the agricultural aviation marketplace including:

  • Utility Interior & Seating by Oregon Aero, Inc.; a product of the partnership recently announced to develop improved interiors and seating for the model 47 fleet.
  • An Isolair Helicopter Systems Agricultural Spray System.
  • A number of STCs including the No-Bar Kit, Improved Sprag system & a Muffler. Manufactured by Texas Helicopter Co., Inc., a sister company to SB47, these STC provide additional weight savings, operating cost reductions & noise abatement.

“We are very pleased to be exhibiting this 47G-2A.” stated Scott Churchill, President/Owner of Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc. “This is a perfect example of the durability of the model 47 and what makes it such a great helicopter. This helicopter was manufactured in 1955, has over 10,000 hours on the airframe, yet operators will witness at NAAA that after our refurbishment it is hard to believe it is not a brand new helicopter.”

“We are very pleased to be showing the first model 47 Oregon Aero interior & seating installation. Folks will be able to see for themselves how comfortable their VK Smartcushion™ Seats are.” stated Neil Marshall, General Manager of Scott’s – Bell 47. “And we are very proud to be partnering with Isolair Helicopter Systems at the NAAA show. They are a long time partner of Scott’s Helicopter Services, Inc. and we consider their systems to be premier amongst the Helicopter Applications Equipment manufacturers.”

Both Oregon Aero, Inc. & Isolair Helicopter Services representatives will be at NAAA with SB47.

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