Brazilian Air Force signs EC725 logistical support contract

Brazilian Air Force signs EC725 logistical support contract 23 Dec, 11, Source: Brazilian Air Force

(electronic translation from local language press release)

The agreement of five years, provides for the supply of materials and services and will have a budget of $ 149 million

The Brazilian Air Force signed on Wednesday (21/12) in Brasilia, the logistics support contract for the fleet of EC-725 helicopters of the Armed Forces. The deal, worth $ 149 million, was signed by the Presidents of the Coordinating Committee of Combat Aircraft Program (COPAC), Air Brigadier Carlos Baptista de Almeida Junior, and Helibras, Edward Marson. The contract of 5 years, provides for the supply of materials and services to support the operation of the EC-725 aircraft.

The logistical support contract was structured, with the goal of ensuring the availability of helicopters EC-725 at levels above 80%. For this purpose we adopted the logistics concept of “Time and Material”, by which the contractor is responsible for managing and stores in its facilities, repairable items owned and used exclusively by the contractor, as well as the provision of inspection, repairs and technical assistance throughout the country, to meet the demand of operation of the Armed Forces.

After the Logistics Support Agreement (Contract Logistic Support – CLS) for the maintenance of the engines, the company signed with TURBOMECA in Brazil last September, the Commission Program Coordinator Combat Aircraft (COPAC), responsible for Project H-XBR, CLS ended negotiations for the maintenance of the cell and its systems, along with HELIBRAS company, headquartered in Itajubá, South of Minas Gerais.

The XBR-H Project, a pioneer in joint procurement for the armed forces, is, in essence, the main tool of government in favor of a domestic industry capable of designing and producing rotary-wing aircraft in Brazil.

This project provides for the acquisition of 50 helicopters Midsize EC-725, Class of 11 tons, will be able to operate anywhere in Brazil and South America, working in various operational scenarios in Theaters of Operation Sea, and Amozonico Pantanal, fulfilling tactical transport missions, Combat Rescue (CSAR), Aeromedical Evacuation, Transportation and Logistics Special Operations.

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