Are You NVG-Ready?

Are You NVG-Ready?

9-Jan-2012 Source: HAI

Night flying poses unique challenges. Night-vision goggles help helicopter pilots overcome some of these challenges by enhancing the quality of visual information, including the horizon, objects, terrain, and weather. Night-vision technology is invaluable for military organizations, air medical/rescue services, law enforcement, and government agencies that fly at night and want to help their pilots maintain spatial orientation.

Is your team ready to take the next step toward night-flying safety? Do you simply want to learn more about what’s involved? Have your helicopter pilots and mechanics attend the NVIS Aircraft Conformity Regulations and Procedures Course, sponsored by Hoffman Engineering, to learn more. Already using night-vision technology? Send your pilots to the NVG Recurrent Training Course, sponsored by Bell Helicopter, to brush up on their night-vision skills.

To register or learn more, go to HAI members receive discounted rates!

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