London’s Metropolitan Police air unit launches Twitter account

London’s Metropolitan Police air unit launches Twitter account 12 Jan, 12, Source: Metropolitan Police

London’s residents can now find out what the MPS Helicopters are up to, thanks to the launch of the Air Support Unit’s official Twitter account.

@MPSinthesky got off the ground last Tuesday and captured 1,000 followers within hours of going live. Since then, the Twitter account has propelled higher and higher with over 3,000 people now catching up on what the MPS Helicopters have been up to.

Hundreds more followers have been added everyday as @MPSinthesky tweets out about vehicle pursuits, catching burglars, armed suspects and much much more.

Inspector Phil Whitelaw head of Air Support Unit said:  “This is a terrific way to use social media and keep Londoners informed of the amazing work that is performed by the Air Support Unit, which works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The response so far has been very positive and I’m certain @MPSinthesky will play a vital role in helping Londoners understand why we were- or are – working in a particular area.

I am confident our twitter posts will play an important role in raising the profile of our work and in working to reduce complaints.”

Londoners have been overwhelming supportive of the ASU twitter posts. Some of their comments have been posted below:

“Horray! @MPSinthesky is on twitter. Now I won’t have to wonder what in the world they are doing up there.”

“This is a fantastic piece of community social networking so well done for instigating it.”

“This must be one of the most fascinating twitter accounts in the UK @MPSinthesky. Well worth a follow.”

“MPS Helicopter twitter feed is off the ground! Go to @MPSinthesky best thing the met has ever done!”

“Finally I99 is on twitter always wondered how busy u r… finally my wish has come true will be tracking.”

To get MPS Helicopter tweets you will need to sign up to Twitter then search for @MPSinthesky to follow the activities of the ASU.

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