Tanis announces preheat system for AW119

Tanis announces preheat system for AW119 26 Jan, 12, Source: Tanis Aircraft Products

Tanis Aircraft Products announces the availability of its helicopter preheat systems for the AgustaWestland AW119.

AgustaWestland manufactures the AW119 Koala helicopter, a civilian eight-seat turbine-powered utility helicopter, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Collaborating with the AgustaWestland team, representatives from Tanis reviewed the installation of a Tanis preheat system on a customer specified AW119. The new system comprises a simple plug-in design for preheating critical components of the Koala during cold weather operations, prior to flight. Tanis develops preheat systems for new helicopter models and offers retrofit systems for older models.

A complete Tanis preheat system for rotary wing aircraft is comprised of several specifically engineered heating elements that can be affixed to the engine oil reservoir and sump, hydraulic reservoir, reduction gearbox, accessory case, fuel control unit, and more. Each system is designed to protect critical components from cold starts, reduce the likelihood of damage, and to shave critical minutes off time to launch. When factoring in all costs, including time and fuel, reduced wear and faster launch times, a Tanis Preheat System is a money-saver for helicopter operators of any size.

Well-respected manufacturers, operators, completion and MRO centers, such as AgustaWestland, agree that Tanis is leading in its field and they are embracing Tanis preheat technology. Tanis is the only company providing complete aircraft and engine preheat systems for piston, turbine and rotary wing aircraft.

Bob Krueger, President of Tanis, stated, “Our founder, Pete Tanis, developed the patents and technologies that are known to be state of the art in aircraft preheat. We build a quality product and aggressively support our systems.” Krueger concluded, “It is for these reasons that helicopter operators specify Tanis when their operations require helicopter preheat in cold climates.”

About AgustaWestland
AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is a major force in commercial and military helicopter markets around the world and offers an unrivalled range of helicopters, training and support solutions to satisfy customer’s mission requirements. AgustaWestland’s main facilities are located in Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and the United States of America.

About Tanis
For more than 37 years, Tanis has been the technology and innovation leader in aircraft preheat systems. Tanis supports the aviation industry with products that make winter flying safer.

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