Problems ahead for Wiltshire Police/Ambulance joint operation?

Problems ahead for Wiltshire Police/Ambulance joint operation?

31-Jan-2012 Source:

Wiltshire Police operate an MD902 Explorer throughout their county for law enforcement operations.  They also operate it on a contract with the Great Western Ambulance Service to make the aircraft more cost effective by virtue of more flying hours per year – it currently flies around 600 hours per year, roughly half the UK average for a police helicopter.

Very soon, the new National Police Air Service will start to be implemented across the UK, bringing massive cuts and a national approach to airborne law enforcement and a fleet reduction from 31 to 23.  One of the forces expected to lose out is Wiltshire, but they are committed to their contract with Great Western Ambulance Service until December 2014 and have substantial contractual penalties if they are not able to provide a service.

We await to see how this dilemma will be resolved.

Jeremy Parkin –

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