Tanis and Bruce’s deliver rotary-wing aircraft covers

Tanis and Bruce’s deliver rotary-wing aircraft covers

4-Feb-2012 Source: Tanis Aircraft Products

Tanis Aircraft Products announce the further development of its business partnership with Bruce’s Custom Covers. New design elements of the companies’ custom covers increase their effectiveness with cold weather protection. Also under the partnership, Tanis and Bruce’s will fabricate and market new insulated covers designed specifically for rotary-wing aircraft.

Tanis Aircraft Products’ core competency is building the aircraft industry’s finest preheat systems. Having previously developed and produced insulated covers for a wide variety of aircraft, including fixed and rotary wing, Tanis has selected Bruce’s as its manufacturing partner. Bruce’s is the recognized leader in custom-fit protective aircraft cover design and manufacturing. Collectively, the two companies maintain over 8,500 patterns of custom-made covering systems. The insulated cover designs offer protection for aircraft operating in harsh environments, particularly where winter conditions persist.

Under the Tanis brand, newly manufactured insulated covers will incorporate Bruce’s technical design prowess in 2D and 3D computer-aided-design while incorporating patterns first developed by Tanis. Further, Tanis and Bruce’s have developed a new and improved cold weather cover system that serves to drastically reduce preheat times when using a Tanis preheat system.

A new deep cold design that allows the operator to effectively use the covers in -60° F temperatures was developed based on consumer feedback and years of market experience by both companies. At these temperatures, plastic buckles and Velcro will fail. The new design uses neither, yet stays cinched under extreme cold and windy conditions. Common insulated quilted materials allow heat to escape through the seams. A new non-quilted insulated material was developed to minimize this effect and to maximize its ability trap in heat.

Aircraft protection and preheat can extend the life of an airframe, rotors, wings, engine and avionics, even a windshield, as well as other critical components. An insulated helicopter cover directly saves on operational costs, and downtime, by keeping an aircraft ready for launch, thereby increasing its utilization.

Bob Krueger, President of Tanis, commented, “We are pleased to be partnering with Bruce’s Custom Covers as we consider them the best in the industry. Bruce’s has developed patterns and methods of manufacturing that really work. The quality of a Tanis designed insulated custom cover built by Bruce’s is second-to-none.”

Covers are available for Engine Cowlings, Fuselage, Cabin/Canopy, Rotor, Wings, Empennage/Tail, and Cowl Plugs. Covers protect engines and propellers from frost and condensation, and paint and windows from harmful ultraviolet light and weather anomalies such as hail and airborne debris.

** See Tanis and Bruce’s at HELI-EXPO 2012 in Dallas, Texas, from February 12-14. Tanis booth number 7523. Bruce’s booth number 7026.**

About Bruce’s
Bruce’s Custom Covers is the renowned expert in custom-fit protective aircraft cover design and manufacturing.

About Tanis
For over 37 years, Tanis has been the technology and innovation leader in aircraft preheat systems. Tanis supports the aviation industry with products that make winter flying safer.

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