American Eurocopter announces top flight component support plans

American Eurocopter announces top flight component support plans

15-Feb-2012 Source: American Eurocopter

Top Flight Component Support Plans provide a comprehensive service for parts and components supply and offer customizable coverage from a single component to comprehensive “Nose to Tail” plans

American Eurocopter is not only the leading provider of civil and parapublic helicopters in the United States, but it also strives to provide the best aftermarket support in the business through continuous investment in services and innovative programs, like the Top Flight Component Support Plan (Top Flight CSP).

American Eurocopter’s Top Flight CSP programs are tailored to fit specific operator needs and are available to all U.S. customers. These plans provide cost control opportunities, as well as an added layer of service and security to American Eurocopter’s existing supply services, which include component repair and overhaul, mandatory parts modifications, and beneficial upgrades when applicable.

“American Eurocopter’s Top Flight CSP is designed to assist our customers by keeping costs under control,” said Anthony DiNota, American Eurocopter’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. “The plan is based on a fixed charge per flight hour, which not only helps control budgets, but also minimizes helicopter downtime because we work proactively with the operator in the logistics planning process.”

To highlight the success of the program, American Eurocopter announced three companies that have recently signed on for the Top Flight CSP program as part of their efforts to enhance operational availability and efficiency: University of Michigan’s Survival Flight program, OSF Aviation and Sanford Health.

The University of Michigan’s prestigious Survival Flight medical program is the first HEMS operator in the U.S. to utilize the EC155B1. The program ordered three EC155s in 2010 that were delivered in 2011 and are expected to go into service in early 2012. As part of the aircraft acquisition strategy, Survival Flight chose to support the aircraft with the Top Flight CSP, providing constant monitoring of material requirements and a supply of required parts. American Eurocopter’s intent is to help ensure mission readiness and optimal performance that complements the commitment of Survival Flight to its patients.

OSF Aviation will be placing the first of four EC145s into its Life Flight operation early this year and has elected to support this fleet through the Top Flight CSP. OSF Aviation, a part of OSF HealthCare based in Peoria, Ill., is the busiest aeromedical operation unit in the State of Illinois and the first AMT program to place a WAAS-certified EC145 into service. The Top Flight CSP will help OSF Aviation to maintain a high level of mission readiness and to control costs, both of which are critical to the program’s continued success.

Sanford Health is the largest rural not-for-profit health care system in the nation. It is an integrated health system with headquarters in Fargo, N.D., and Sioux Falls, S.D. and locations in 112 communities in seven states. By utilizing the Top Flight CSP on its three new EC145’s, Sanford maintains control of its operational needs. Out of service time and availability of parts have both been a big concerns of Sanford in the past. The selection of the Top Flight CSP has helped to alleviate these concerns. By monitoring hours of operation, upcoming events, and conditional or technical concerns, American Eurocopter can maximize material availability for scheduled maintenance and significantly diminish potential part shortages for unscheduled events.

“There are so many benefits to the Top Flight CSPs,” said DiNota. “Enhanced safety by maintaining and replacing parts directly from the OEM as needed, better resale value because of the ease of transferability, and, of course, budget control since the customers enjoy a fixed hourly cost.”

Top Flight CSP agreements can be initiated at the time of sale or any time thereafter. For more information, visit, stop by booth #1917 at Heli-Expo, or contact Jeff Donahue, American Eurocopter’s After Market Sales Manager at (972) 641-3735.

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