London Stock Exchange opened by London’s Air Ambulance

London Stock Exchange opened by London’s Air Ambulance 26 Mar, 12, Source: London’s Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance opened London trading in the London Stock Exchange’s Market Open Ceremony on 23rd March 2012.  To mark this special occasion, London’s Air Ambulance invited ex patient, four year old Liam, to open the market together with the doctor and paramedic who helped save his life.

London’s Air Ambulance has been the London Stock Exchange Group Charity Partner for two years and has received a generous donation of £100K annually.

As well as London’s Air Ambulance Doctors, Paramedics, Pilots and Charity Staff, four year old Liam and his mother have been invited to the event.

Liam was hit by a car in January 2012.  He suffered such severe head injuries that his life was in danger and the on duty London’s Air Ambulance team were activated to the incident. London’s Air Ambulance’s Dr Julian Thompson and paramedic Jason Morris, assisted the local London Ambulance Service personnel in caring for Liam, They provided advanced procedures at the roadside including an anaesthetic, breathing support and medication to reduce brain swelling, before escorting him to hospital in a land ambulance.  Liam has made a fantastic recovery and is now back at school.

Dr Julian Thompson, London’s Air Ambulance Doctor and Executive Director said:
“We are so thankful to the London Stock Exchange Group for their ongoing support.  Their donation has helped us provide advanced medical care to over 2000 critically injured patients in London last year. It is a privilege to be invited to open the market at the London Stock Exchange and thought it would be a lovely opportunity to invite Liam and his Mum along so the staff at London Stock Exchange can see firsthand how their support has made an important impact on the lives of Londoners.

“We are a charity, which so few people are aware of, and we are always striving to encourage people and organisations to support this life-saving service which is vital to seriously injured Londoners.”

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