Indonesia to buy two Bell 206 for training work

Indonesia to buy two Bell 206 for training work

28-Mar-2012 Source: Transportation Ministry

(electronic translation from local language)    Board of Education Human Resources (BPSDM) Transportation to buy 20 trainer aircraft, consisting of 18 fixed-wing aircraft ( fixed wing ) and 2 units of rotary wing aircraft (helicopters). Total value of 20 training aircraft that will be placed in flight schools owned by the government, worth Rp 184.6 billion. Unit price of 18 fixed-wing aircraft (fixed wing) of Rp 140.6 billion, while the price of 2 units of rotary wing aircraft (helicopters) worth Rp 40 billion.

Of 18 fixed wing aircraft types Warior Piper’s six of whom had come to Indonesia and is ready to operate, the rest came gradually until the end of 2013. While the two types of Bell 206 helicopters arrived in 2013.

Secretary of Transportation Rev. BPSDM Satrio Utomo told reporters in Jakarta last weekend revealed that the purchase of these planes as a substitute 12 training aircraft from 39 units of aircraft to be removed from the teaching and learning activities in Indonesia Flight High School (STPI) waterfall. Since the 12 aircraft types propeller which has been used as a training aircraft are aged over 25 years and shall be updated in line with the development of aircraft technology. ” As many as 12 planes that had been used by us to exercise the children STPI will we get rid of (phase-out) because she’s over 25 years. These trainers will be excluded from the assets of the state. Replaced with new ones, such as a clock generator so that it should not be used dioverhaul or more, as well as training aircraft, “said the Rev. Satrio Utomo familiarly called Tommy. Meanwhile, Head of Human Resources Development Center Air BPSDM Kemenhub Yudhi Sari Sitompul said the plane- plane is excluded from the assets will be sold through an auction process even though its value is not significant. Yudhi explained, the planes are the new trainer will be placed in a number of areas that have a flight school, such as Semarang, Sumenep and a number of other areas, due to airspace waterfall and Cengkareng Soekarno Hatta airport is pretty solid.” trainer aircraft that will come later will we put in a number of areas,” explained Yudhi. Currently, there are 39 units of STPI Curug trainer aircraft, the 36 unit types of fixed wing of brand Socata TB-10, C-23 Sundowner, Piper Dacota, and Baron, also three Bell-206 helicopter. With the addition of new training aircraft is expected to begin production in 2014 to 400 pilots per year from only 100 pilots per year. In fact, the need to 2014 to reach 4000 flight

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