Thales’s first Reality H simulator achieves dual qualification

Thales’s first Reality H simulator achieves dual qualification

28-Mar-2012 Source: Thales

On 29 February 2012, the first example of Thales’s new Reality H Dauphin N3/N3+ helicopter simulator was granted FTD Level 3 and FFS Level B qualification by the French civil aviation authority (DGAC). The Reality H simulator is based on the new generation of Thales products, designed to maximise training capacity and availability while offering greater ease of installation, operation and maintenance. The system for this dedicated Dauphin N3/N3+ version of the simulator was developed by Thales and Eurocopter, which supplied the helicopter flight modelling software.

FTD Level 3 and FFS Level B qualification, in accordance with European JAR/EASA criteria, allows this latest-generation system to be used for Dauphin N3 helicopter type-rating training as well as recurrent training to support annual revalidation of pilot licences. The simulator can be used in place of an actual helicopter to conduct annual operator proficiency checks (OPC). It can also be incorporated as part of an ab-initio training programme leading to a Commercial Pilot’s Licence for helicopters (CPL H) or Air Transport Pilot’s Licence for helicopters (ATPL H), including Instrument Rating (IR) and corresponding Proficiency Checks (PC). Thanks to its ability to reconstruct flight environment, it can also be used to conduct line checks.

This state-of-the-art simulator will further strengthen Heli-Union’s pilot instruction and training capabilities, in particular for onshore and offshore operations in support of oil/gas exploration and production programmes, which are some of the most demanding in the field of civil air transportation.

The European leader in simulation solutions, Thales has delivered more than 110 helicopter simulators to customers in 25 countries around the world.

The new simulator will be used to provide training for specific assignments such as SAR (search and rescue), EMS (emergency medical services) and offshore operations, and offers numerous reconfiguration possibilities. The Dauphin N3/N3+ cockpit, for example, can be replaced by the cockpit of another helicopter type, such as the EC135, while the instrument panel can be reconfigured for analogue or digital instruments, equipment options, etc.

The modular Reality H simulator comprises a docking station and a dome-mounted visual system mounted on a six-axis electrically operated motion system. Interchangeable modules representing the cockpit of each simulated helicopter are then slotted into the docking station. The instructor station module provides an optimised view of the crew undergoing training. The direct-projection visual system offers a wide field of view (210° x 70°) combined with high-resolution geospecific imagery from the ThalesView NG™ image generator.

About Heli-Union

Heli-Union is an international player in helicopter transportation services to/from offshore platforms and operates a fleet of over 30 helicopters in regions around the world to meet the requirements of oil and gas companies.

Heli-Union’s fleet of AS350B3, EC145, S76C++, AS332L1 and EC225 helicopters will be expanded from late 2013 with four EC175s and also includes 17 Dauphin N and N3 helicopters.

The Heli-Union Training Centre opened for business in 2002 and serves the needs of novice students with no previous experience, who wish to learn to fly ab initio, as well as experienced pilots who require continuing and specialist training, particularly in the context of oil and gas operations. The simulator has been installed in a dedicated new facility at Angoulême Airport in France.

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