Trinity House marks first anniversary of using MD902 for lighthouse support

Trinity House marks first anniversary of using MD902 for lighthouse support

18-Apr-2012 Source: Specialist Aviation Services

On the anniversary of the 2011 ceremony marking the start of the new service, Trinity House and Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) announce significant efficiency and value improvements as helicopter operations double capacity, reduce flying time requirements and enhance operational efficiency across the lighthouse maintenance programme.

This month marks one year since the ceremony in Harwich when members of the helicopter operator SAS and senior members of the Trinity House operations team met to celebrate the start of the new helicopter contract between the two organisations.

The contract was designed to deliver economic and service efficiencies while also reflecting the modern maintenance and operational requirements of the Service.  A year on, both companies are delighted to announce results exceeding expectations in many areas of operation.

SAS introduced an MD 902 Explorer helicopter to the Trinity House service, replacing the BO 105s which had been in operation for many years. The Explorer can lift twice the payload, thereby doubling productive capacity and reducing flying hours with associated reductions in cost and improvements in efficiency.

This has been particularly valuable in improving the efficiency and productivity of maintenance and refurbishment operations where significant materials loads have to be transferred as well as the specialist maintenance teams.

“The change was made as part of a wider review of our Trinity House operation”, comments Commodore Jim Scorer, Director of Operations.

“The initial transition phase went smoothly, the helicopter has consistently always been available throughout and our lighthouse support programme is firmly on track.”

At the Harwich ceremony a year ago, Rear Admiral Sir Jeremy de Halpert, Executive Chairman of Trinity House, commented, ‘It was important to us to be able to mark the start of the new helicopter contract as it forms such a vital part of our day-to-day maintenance and operation.”

With a highly successful first year of service, SAS and Trinity House now look forward to continued delivery and efficiency on the lighthouse maintenance programme.

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