40 years and PAMA is still climbing!

40 years and PAMA is still climbing!

25-Apr-2012 Source: PAMA

The Professional Aviation Maintenance Association was established at its first national convention in Pittsburgh back in 1972. Forty years ago. In the 80’s PAMA introduced IA renewal seminars into its National Convention. It also started its monthly newsletter which later was published in Cygnus/AMT magazine.

In the 90’s PAMA was approved by the FAA to approve IA renewal seminars, www.pama.org was established and headquarters moved to Washington DC. PAMA was the impetus behind the FAR Part 65 revision process, although not completed as recommended by our members. PAMA also sold its trade show to Cygnus/AMT Magazine and the AS3 show was formed.

In the 21st century PAMA has gone through many transitions. Affiliating with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in 2005 and going independent once again in 2009. The Olympics were created by PAMA. This was a skills competition for mechanics to show their proficiency while maintaining safe practices, a highlight of the AS3 show. PAMA was asked to no longer be a part of the AS3 show to make room for a new business line of Cygnus. And PAMA’s latest, a move of Headquarters to Ionia, MI which offers a more economical environment in which to run the organization.

PAMA President, Dale Forton says “Over all these years we have had only 13 different Chairman of the Board of Directors which shows the quality of individuals PAMA attracts and the dedication they have as volunteers giving back to our industry. In that same time PAMA has had only four Presidents; Stan Mackiewicz, Brian Finnegan, John Casker and myself. I am honored to be following in their footsteps.”

That same dedication shows in our 17 chapters. Some have been around since the beginning of PAMA and others are new this year. All are made up of individuals who volunteer to be a part of a chapter that usually holds many activities. These activities are usually focused around scholarship funding. Last year PAMA, through its foundation and its chapters gave out over $90,000. Our Dallas Chapter just held their fourth annual 147 student Olympics last month with over six teams in attendance.

Currently PAMA communicates by email with over 9500 individuals weekly. Our web presence combined through Twitter, Face Book, Linked IN and PAMA .org reaches over 10,000 individuals monthly. And in print we offer information to over 80,000 individual subscribers to the magazines we are published in on a monthly and bimonthly basis.

About PAMA: The purpose of PAMA, the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association, is to promote a high degree of professionalism among aviation maintenance personnel, while improving methods, skills, learning, and achievement in the field of aviation maintenance. In addition to conducting national, state and local meetings and seminars, PAMA’s ongoing activities include fostering communications, recognizing excellence and collaborating with governmental and other organizations to enhance the safety and stature of the maintenance profession. For more information, visit PAMA online at pama.org.

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