Helibras successfully tests new Super Puma lighting panel

Helibras successfully tests new Super Puma lighting panel

30-Apr-2012 Source: Helibras

(electronic translation)

A team of Engineering and Flight Testing of the Helibras held its first test campaign in a Super Puma aircraft family, the Brazilian army, held by a crew entirely Brazilian.

The objective was to observe during a night flight, the new lighting of the dashboard of the AS532 Cougar EU Avex compatible with NVG (night vision goggles) that allows you to read all the instrument panel without disturbing vision goggles night and without causing harmful reflections in the glass panel or the aircraft.

The results, satisfactory, were obtained in a simulated mission to approach in a restricted area with the AS352 Cougar Avex EU and also showed the absence of light leakage, an event that could leave the helicopter visible to an outside observer.

For this test, the crew was made up of the pilot Avex Major Marcus Vinicius, the test pilot Paul Gaddini and the flight test engineer Peter K. Paim. Also participating in the pilot Paul Doria, coach Mark Raponi test and avionics technician Alessandro William Smith, and four mechanics of Avex.

“This result shows a good teamwork and a further step successfully achieved in the training process of Helibras in the field of Flight Test,” says Walter Filho, director of the Center for Engineering Helibras.

“Long ago we flew with lighting not so good,” said Major Marcus Vinicius, proving the technological developments in the field of Helibras to meet all the markets it serves.

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