Germany – “Christoph 5” flies 50,000th mission

Germany – “Christoph 5” flies 50,000th mission

8-May-2012 Source: Christoph 5

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On 2 May started the rescue helicopter “Christoph 5” on his 611th Use this year. In the space Speyer, a 32-year-old man had contracted when handling methylated spirits severe burns on face and body. After the emergency medical first aid on the spot he was in a helicopter in the center of the burn victims brought BG Trauma Clinic in Ludwigshafen. This accident adds up the total number of operations of the Ludwigshafen rescue helicopter into service since 39 years ago to 50,000. The quick help from the air in acute emergencies, guaranteeing quality care by the emergency physician is brought to the patient. With primary operations as well as transfers to special clinics for urgent patients to be transported carefully and quickly. “This is an essential part of the air ambulance rescue and emergency medicine,” says the chairman of the Pfalz ADAC, Klaus-Peter Sehnert.

The rescue helicopter station with the number 5 in 1973 established at the BG Trauma Clinic in Ludwigshafen. It is one of the oldest stations in the public network of the German Air Rescue, which is an initiative of ADAC from 1968 back. The Automobile Club proved in 1970 in a pilot project that a faster supply of road traffic accidents through the use of helicopters greater chance of survival means for casualties. At the end of the pilot project, the automobile club moved back against the original intention, but increased with the establishment of a self-profit organization in the air ambulance. Flying since 2006 “Christoph 5” 135 under the leadership of the pilots ADAC air rescue with a modern EC Completing the three-man crew, the clock is from 7 to sunset in use by an emergency physician the Casualty Department and a paramedic from the German Red Cross. The helicopter after receiving an emergency call is ready in 60 seconds and fly at an average speed of 240 km / h targets within a radius of 70 kilometers. Last year, “Christoph 5” initiative in 1970 to an emergency and was the strongest use of 34 stations nationwide, the ADAC air rescue. In Rhineland-Palatinate, the ADAC operates more stations in Koblenz, Mainz and Wittlich.

The use of the rescue helicopter carried by the rescue coordination center, which can be reached at the emergency numbers 112 or 19222nd For the patient caused by this application, which is dependent on no membership, basically no cost.

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