Bruce’s Custom Covers  protect aircraft from summer maladies

Bruce’s Custom Covers protect aircraft from summer maladies

18-Jun-2012 Source: Bruce's Custom Covers

Bruce’s Custom Covers announces its custom fitted covers for aircraft and engines are the cure for many summer maladies affecting aircraft and operators. Covers for airplanes, jets, helicopters, gliders, off-link jet engines and more provide protection from the elements and enhance the safety, utility and operation of any aircraft.

Common summer maladies for pilots include hay fever, contact dermatitis, bronchitis, insect bites, sunburn, and swimmers ear. And every dog-loving pilot must contend with summer maladies that infect their precious pets. Sunburn, being the most prevalent malady, can affect an aircraft just as likely as it will affect people and pets. Overexposure to the sun means susceptibility to ultraviolet radiation. These damaging rays can zap an aircraft’s paint leaving it dry and faded, and can harm windows rendering them hazy, even distorted. Additionally, the sun’s harmful rays can quickly heat soak an airplane’s interior making it uninhabitably hot and adding the potential to damage plastics, vinyl, and avionics.

Avionics are sensitive, not to mention expensive, equipment that are designed to make piloting safer. When something goes wrong it can often lead to the unexpected chain of events that can reduce levels of safety. Custom fitted aircraft covers can keep an airplane’s interior cool to the touch and, hence, keep avionics from frying.

A comfortable pilot is a more relaxed and safe flying pilot. When entering any aircraft the first thing a pilot comes into contact with is the seat under their pants. Protecting upholstery inside an airplane is as simple as keeping it cool from the heat that summer brings.

Foreign object debris, or FOD, protection goes toe-in-toe with elemental protection. The best solution for protecting delicate aircraft exteriors whether aluminum, plexiglass, composite, or fabric, is a custom fitted cover—one that stays in place when the summer winds pick up and begin to kick up FOD. A fitted cover can also keep turbine engine propellers from spinning and keep birds from nesting in engines and inlets.

A custom fitted cover is the best solution for being safe rather than sorry. With the proper materials and a secure fit, a custom cover will guard from solar rays as well as dust and hail from flash summer storms.

Whether covering from airborne debris, solar rays, dust, or even hail, a protective cover from Bruce’s will extend the life of an aircraft, ultimately saving on costs of repair and replacement.

About Bruce’s
Bruce’s Custom Covers and Aircraft Covers, Inc. is the industry leader in protective covering systems for aircraft of all types. Bruce’s uses state-of-the-art materials and methodologies to ensure durability, quality and finish. Bruce’s is committed to advancing the science and art of cover design in service to the demands and expectations of its customers worldwide. For more than 32 years, Bruce’s Custom Covers has been the innovation and quality leader in protective covers for aircraft all over the world.

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