Switzerland – Helicopters Can Now Land at Payerne Airport

Switzerland – Helicopters Can Now Land at Payerne Airport

20-Jun-2012 Source: HAI

Payerne Airport (LSMP) located in Payerne, Switzerland is being developed into a major European center for aviation and aerospace. Two areas adjacent to the airport have been designated for development.

Aeropole One is ideal for companies requiring access to the ILS equipped, 3500 meter long runway. These companies would have the need to move aircraft to a hanger area or tarmac for work to be done.

Helicopters and helicopter companies are welcomed on Aeropole Two which is designated for companies who do not need direct access to the runway or tarmac. Such companies would perform work wholly within their facilities but may also perform tasks on aircraft on the tarmac or in hanger. The types of industries that would be suitable for start up or expansion at Aeropole of Payerne can vary from sales, service and support to maintenance, repair and overhaul. This location would also be perfect for new ventures, research and development, engineering, manufacturing, parts supplier, aircraft refurbishing, flight training and simulators, new technology and product development, testing and instrumentation, showcase for products and services, business center and any venture in Aviation and Aerospace.

The Aeropole of Payerne was conceived to help Aviation and Aerospace companies expand or develop. Major consideration was given to the eventual overcrowding at Geneva, Bern and Zurich. Payerne is located minutes away by helicopter from Geneva and Bern. It is one hour north of Geneva by Road and one half hour from Bern. It is situated in an area of un-crowded airspace and close to major road and rail access. Payerne Aeroport has already offered opportunities for two major projects. It is the home base of the Solar Impulse, a project in development with the objective to fly around the world in an aircraft using solar power. Flight tests are currently being conducted. The second venture is Speedwings. It will be the first company to start up business at Payerne. Agreements have already been made for a proposed three hangar facility providing aircraft storage, maintenance and operations in the Aeropole One sector.

The area of Payerne has many benefits from a business and quality of life perspective. It is located in Switzerland which is a world leader in economic performance, productivity, technology, finance, banking, culture and history. The Aeropole of Payerne offers favorable land prices, low taxes, stability and good workplace productivity. Several companies already in the area include Nespresso, Nestle Waters, Novartis, Diamed, Daymedical, Yahoo, Wago Contact, Richemont, Michelin and Gucci. The staff of the Aeropole of Payerne is ready to discuss any potential opportunity with companies in Aviation and Aerospace. The staff is also ready to arrange visits to the proposed development area.

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