UK R66 fleet reaches double figures

UK R66 fleet reaches double figures

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The UK has for a long time been a Robinson sales stronghold, dating back to 1979 with Sloane Helicopters taking the dealership for the UK and the 18th R22 off the production line.  The UK Robinson fleet peaked in 2008 at 568 (231 R22s and 337 R44s), and even with the recession biting since, the figure this year stands at 448 (176 R22s and 272 R44s).  So it is no surprise that the UK is in love with Robinson Helicopter Co, and the fleet for the R66 is expected to reach triple figures before too long.

However, the EASA have been stalling for months over R66 certification, and R66s active across Europe are all on the FAA register with pilots having to get their FAA ticket too. Our recent article tells all – see R66 EASA Certification – Robinson provides update. believes this makes the UK the second largest R66 fleet in the world to the USA – while Australia took a number from the early production, they still only have a fleet of nine – serials 0011, 0012, 0014, 0048, 0054, 0060, 0066, 0084 and 0126.

That aside, there are now ten R66s residing in the UK with FAA “N” registrations – serials 0016, 0017, 0031, 0041, 0058, 0059, 0095, 0096, 0146 and 0154 – and we present here the latest example, imported by the second UK dealer, Heliair.  [Photo credit: C S Dee]

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